11 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses Worth Taking: An In-Depth Look at the Most Valuable Resources Available

11 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses Worth Taking


Working as a virtual assistant can be a great way to have a flexible schedule and to make money from the comfort of your own home. With the right virtual assistant training courses, you can learn how to maximize your earning potential and become an in-demand VA.

In this article, we will cover the 11 best virtual assistant training courses worth taking:

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who provides administrative and/or specialized services to clients remotely from a home office. Common tasks may include general data entry, calendar maintenance, email marketing assistance, scheduling appointments, researching topics and preparing documents.

Virtual assistants are generally hired on a per-project basis with no long-term employment contract.

Virtual assistants can help busy professionals and entrepreneurs save time, money and reduce stress by handling routine tasks such as website management, customer service support, App and software development, content creation and editing, travel arrangements or online marketing projects. With the growing popularity of digital businesses comes the need for an increasing number of skilled professionals to work remotely handling a variety of roles. Virtual Assistant training courses can help you gain the knowledge and skills required to become an effective digital assistant or independent contractor working with businesses around the world.

Benefits of Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be an incredibly lucrative career. By providing services such as customer service, data entry, digital marketing, SEO and administrative tasks remotely, Virtual Assistants can support small businesses or self-employed professionals without needing to be in the same physical space as their clients. As well as being able to benefit from flexible work hours and set their own rates and fees, VAs are often given large amounts of responsibility and trust by their clients. It’s no surprise then that many people decide to pursue a career in virtual assistance – but how do you go about training for it?

When it comes to getting qualified for work as a VA, there are many online courses available that offer efficient ways of learning the skills needed to be successful in this field. In this article, we’ve compiled 11 of the best virtual assistant training courses worth taking – ranging from general introductions through to advanced topics – so that you can have peace of mind that you have all the knowledge necessary to ensure success.

Our list features courses on:

  • Formatting documents in Word or PowerPoint
  • Learning how to use cloud-based software
  • Giving effective customer service using Zoom
  • Using social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter
  • SEO analysis
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging basics
  • Video marketing skills
  • even introductory bookkeeping.

With so much on offer from each course, you’re sure to find something suited exactly for your particular needs.

Overview of Virtual Assistant Training Courses

Virtual assistant training courses provide an excellent platform for those interested in learning more about the field of virtual assisting. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best virtual assistant training courses that are worth considering. With proper training, you can become well-versed in the field and have the skills needed to be successful as a virtual assistant. We will discuss the features and benefits of each course in greater detail.

The following are some of the best virtual assistant training courses:

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4
  • Course 5

Course 1: Virtual Assistant Academy

Virtual Assistant Academy is the perfect course for aspiring virtual assistants. Drawing on a wide range of experts and covering topics in-depth, this course offers in-depth information on how to become a successful virtual assistant. The academy features modules focusing on developing the skills that are essential to becoming a successful virtual assistant, as well as resources that provide guidance on marketing and client acquisition. Virtual Assistant Academy offers various pricing options and also provides mentoring services beyond the overview course.

The main modules covered in this course include:

  • Business Building: Gaining knowledge and confidence with basic business information such as setting up a business, taxes, financial management, networking, marketing, etc.
  • Skills Development: Learning how to proficiently perform nine diverse Virtual Assistant tasks including blogging, customer service and power project management for clients.
  • Work Tools: Exploring many modern tools used by VAs such as workflow automation systems like Asana or Slack; office productivity suites like Microsoft Office; cloud storage apps like Google Drive or Dropbox; etc.
  • Developing Your VA Business: Setting pricing policies and developing strategies for finding clients are just two of the topics covered here. This section is designed to help you set up your own successful VA business with best practices from experienced VAs around the world.
  • Staying Ahead of The Curve: Teaches how to stay current with latest trends in technology and industry best practices so that you can maintain success in the ever changing Virtual Assistance world.

Course 2: Virtual Assistant Institute

The Virtual Assistant Institute (VAI) offers an online training program aimed at teaching aspiring and experienced virtual assistants how to effectively provide administrative, creative, managerial and technology support for their clients. This course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge, experience, skills and confidence to establish a successful virtual assistant career. VAI offers both US-specific courses as well as international courses with certification at the completion of the program.

Upon completion of this course, virtual assistants will gain insight into various areas such as:

  • Proper communication techniques with employers or clients
  • Understanding basic concepts in project management
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Working with legal documents and agreements
  • Utilizing cloud computing services
  • Creating secure blogs
  • Offering resourceful webinars for clients’ businesses
  • Managing calendars efficiently
  • Acquiring technical writing skills
  • Using quality customer service standards in their daily tasks

With these skillsets, students can be prepared to launch their business or assist a team in an organization.

Course 3: Virtual Assistant Startup

Virtual Assistant Startup is an in-depth, comprehensive course designed to provide the skills, strategies and strategies needed to setup and run a successful Virtual Assistant (VA) business. This comprehensive 12-week training course covers all aspects of setting up, operating and maintaining a successful VA business. The weekly modules are designed to help aspiring VA’s build their knowledge base and understanding of the key topics and activities required to start a professional virtual assistant business.

The core modules of this course include:

  • Getting Started
  • Business Planning & Structure
  • Digital Platforms & Strategies
  • Marketing & Promotion Strategies
  • Managing Clients’ Projects
  • Outsourcing & Automation
  • Financial & Tax Reports
  • Growing Your VA Business
  • Managers Management
  • Client Retention
  • Skills Building Strategies
  • Plus 8 Case Studies

The course also includes multiple tools including video tutorials and case studies with practical tasks ranging from contract review to bookkeeping templates and client referral systems. It culminates with final projects that give students the opportunity to implement all the things they have learnt into practice. After completing the program students will leave with a strong understanding of how to build sustainable virtual assistant businesses that go beyond basic administrative services.

Course 4: Virtual Assistant Academy Pro

Virtual Assistant Academy Pro is an online comprehensive certification program that offers aspiring virtual assistants the guidance and training needed to develop a successful business. The course focuses on providing an array of skills and resources to help VAs stay competitive, up-to-date, and marketable in the ever-evolving demand for virtual services.

The comprehensive curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Administrative services,
  • Marketing,
  • Customer service,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Time management and organization skills,
  • Technology tools for running a successful business,
  • Tasks associated with virtual assistant roles in various industries such as real estate and travel;
  • Negotiation tactics for producing quality work;
  • Creating client acqusition strategies;
  • Setting up contracts;
  • Staying compliant with labor laws;
  • Evaluating software solutions and trends impacting the VA industry.

Additionally throughout the duration of this course participants have direct one-on-one access to their instructor who can answer questions or provide solutions within moments which makes it easier to learn at own pace since they do not have to wait in queues or search through forums. And at the end of this course candidates will receive an official Virtual Assistant Academy Pro Certificate which may be included in their resume when seeking employment opportunities as a professional VA.

Course 5: The VA Handbook

The VA Handbook course is ideal for those who want to become a virtual assistant or are already working as a virtual assistant but need to gain additional skills. This course is taught by entrepreneurs Becky Mansfield and Diane Helbig, both of whom have been successful virtual assistant business owners since 2007.

The VA Handbook course not only teaches the technical skills needed to become a successful virtual assistant but also covers effective strategies for marketing your services and building relationships with clients. You’ll learn how to create an online presence with a website, blog site, social media accounts, and more. Additionally, you’ll be taught how to write relevant proposals and invoices that will help you onboard clients easily & efficiently.

Finally, the VA Handbook course will equip you with the business acumen necessary for running and managing your own successful virtual assistant business. As part of this training program, Becky & Diane provide one-on-one coaching sessions designed to answer any questions participants may have about their businesses or experiences as virtual assistants. Plus, all participants in this training will receive lifetime access so they can return & review the material at any time after completion of the program!

Course 6: The Virtual Assistant Academy

The Virtual Assistant Academy has created a comprehensive course to teach students how to become full-time virtual assistants. The course is 8 weeks in length and covers topics such as time management, business operations, and client relations. Students are provided with step-by-step directions and support during the duration of the course.

The Academy’s curriculum is divided into 4 modules; Introduction, Setup, Business Operations and Client Relations. During the Introduction module students learn about creating online profiles that showcase their skills and receiving testimonials from former clients to increase trust with potential ones. They are even tutored on how to negotiate payment before starting any job.

In the Setup module, students learn how employers find them online by building their internet presence through search engine optimization (SEO). To ensure they have all the necessary tools they need before they begin working as a virtual assistant they also learn prospecting methods such as email campaigns and software automation, connecting with application tracking systems (ATS) and other processes for reaching out to employers in such environments where multiple people tend to apply for one job.

The Business Operations module provides instruction on using project management tools like Asana or Trello for customer service automation systems like Intercom or Zendesk for customer relations. Other topics covered include portfolio development, giving reports on services performed, managing clients’ websites securely along with setting up communication protocols including phone numbers/Skype addresses so clients can easily contact/reach out to them at any given time.

Finally in the remaining Client Relations section of the course students learn hard skills such as customer support techniques, email & chat writing techniques – all aimed at achieving higher yet more respectful customer satisfaction rates that guarantee a smoother running recurring business relationship between them and their clients. Moreover this part also covers different marketing strategies along with common errors & methods that should be avoided while working with customers – all so they develop professional interactions while representing themselves and their businesses respectfully according to industry standards during negotiations.

Course 7: Virtual Assistant Mastery

Virtual Assistant Mastery is an online program that offers 4 weeks of intensive virtual assistant (VA) training. This program specifically serves experienced professionals who are looking to make the transition into becoming a VA.

The course begins with an overview of the different types of virtual assistance and dives into topics such as creating a website, mastering communication skills, establishing your brand, launching services and packages and getting clients. In addition to 70+ video lessons taught by experts, you’ll also have access to bonus materials including resources for creating sales pieces as well as templates for invoices and contracts.

Throughout the course, you’ll also gain necessary experience by working through real-world scenarios and case studies in VA projects that simulate client situations. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to launch your own successful VA business.

Course 8: Virtual Assistant Business Builder

If you are ready to take the plunge into being a full-time virtual assistant, then one of the best courses you can take is Virtual Assistant Business Builder by Pam Holt. With this course, you will learn everything you need to know to start your own successful virtual assistant business.

The program includes training on how to market your services, create a website, handle contracts and invoices, manage and update client information in spreadsheets and databases, manage social media accounts and more. You will even learn the basics about filing taxes as a freelance or self-employed individual and other administrative tasks related to running a business.

This comprehensive course is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in becoming a virtual assistant.

Course 9: The Virtual Assistant Academy

The Virtual Assistant Academy is an online course designed to give you the tools, skills, and insights necessary to become a successful virtual assistant. The program follows an extensive curriculum that covers everything from how to create a professional website, leveraging online collaboration tools and services, digital communication strategies and various marketing tactics.

In addition to these courses, the academy also offers a range of industry specific modules covering areas such as healthcare administration, customer service support and office management.

At the end of the program, students receive certification in Virtual Assistant Studies and can start building their virtual assistant business. This certification is available in either full or part-time formats for those who wish to expand their knowledge base with more specialized courses offered in the online academy. Whether you are looking for add more value to your current business or starting a career as a virtual assistant from scratch, this popular course has something for everyone.

Course 10: Virtual Assistant Training

Course 10: Virtual Assistant Training is a comprehensive course that shows you everything you need to know about being a successful virtual assistant. This course is well-rounded, covering everything from best practices for mastering virtual assistant duties, to the most important legal and regulatory considerations for these services. This course also offers training on effective communication skills, business planning, customer service, problem-solving tactics, time management and more.

In addition to those topics, this course will also provide students with opportunities to get hands-on experience before going out into the field. You’ll gain valuable insights on how to communicate effectively with clients, understand their needs and provide quality services in a quick and efficient manner. After completing this game-changing virtual assistant training program you’ll feel confident in your ability to become an exceptional virtual assistant providing top-notch services no matter how complex the assignment may be.

Course 11: Virtual Assistant Business Bootcamp

The Virtual Assistant Business Bootcamp is a course offered by the International Association of Virtual Assistants (IAVA) and is designed to help aspiring virtual assistants succeed in the freelance and remote workforce. The comprehensive course will teach students about all aspects of becoming a successful virtual assistant, from setting up their business to certification. This practical guide and vibrant community provides invaluable insight for any individual looking to build a lucrative V.A. business.

The eight-week course focuses on seven core lectures:

  • Business Foundations
  • Professionalism & Productivity Practices
  • WordPress Fundamentals
  • Social Media as a Client Attraction Tool
  • Client Service Solutions, Tools & Processes
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Establishing & Growing Your VA Business

Over the duration of the program, you’ll gain key skills such as understanding legalities related to beginning to operate your own V.A. business, mastering setting up a website through WordPress, setting up office procedures for customer service, learning email marketing techniques, developing effective communication strategies for client relationships, and learning about different funding sources that can help finance your V.A. business startup costs. In addition to the lectures each week, students will have access to live Q&A sessions from experienced professional VAs and access to all class discussions so you can connect with your peers who are going through the same process as you are!

Finally, all participants will receive an official certificate upon successful completion of this program that they can add their resume or portfolio page which shows potential clients that they know the skill sets important in launching their own V.A businesses or working remotely for existing companies!


The virtual assistant industry is ripe with opportunity and requires a range of skills and knowledge to be successful. The 11 best virtual assistant training courses mentioned in this article are excellent resources to begin or grow your business. Whether you’re just starting out or you have been a VAs for years, these courses offer the right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experiences that you can use to hone your craft and master the services most sought after by clients.

Remember, before selecting a course provider, make sure they have adequate certifications and reviews from their former students. Also choose one that closely matches your specific goals—whether it be in earning money from home, expanding your trust network or absorbing more information about the ever-changing trends in the industry.

And finally, don’t forget about leveraging free resources such as articles and podcasts for additional insights on becoming an expert virtual assistant professional.

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