14 Fantastic Alternatives to Ibotta: The Best Cash Back Grocery Coupon Apps

14 Apps Like Ibotta Best Cash Back Grocery Coupon Apps


Getting the best deals when grocery shopping is important to many people, and so are budgeting and saving where possible. Ibotta is one popular app that gives shoppers cash back on certain items they buy, allowing them to save money. However, there are other apps out there that offer similar features. Let’s take a look at some of the applications like Ibotta that provide cash back and coupons for grocery shopping.

By using some of these apps, shoppers can maximize their savings while reducing their spending. Whether it’s saving on everyday items or getting a bonus for buying specific products, these apps can help stretch your grocery budget further each month. We have arranged this guide by app category so you can easily find your favorite app or an alternative solution for cash back and coupon offers.

Apps like Ibotta

If you’re looking for apps to help you save money while grocery shopping, Ibotta is a great option. Ibotta rewards you with cash back when you purchase items from select stores. However, there are several other apps that offer similar features.

In this article, we’ll cover 14 apps like Ibotta that offer great cash back rewards and coupons for grocery items:

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a mobile-based application that offers cashback rewards when you purchase select items from the grocery store. The app is designed to help users save money, with rewards deposited directly into your bank account. Through the Scan & Go feature, customers can shop with their phone and earn rewards and loyalty points at checkout.

Checkout 51 also offers exclusive discounts on popular brands, as well as exclusive product-promoting deals for users who follow brand pages. Additionally, there are regular exclusive sweepstakes with bigger prizes for those who join in.

With a wide selection of products offered, ranging from fresh produce to household goods to natural items, customers can save real money without compromising on quality of their favorite products and brands.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is an app that makes saving money easy. Like Ibotta, it offers cash back on grocery purchases. How it works is simple – just add your eligible grocery receipts from stores to the app, and Fetch will automatically identify offers for additional savings. Once rewards are earned, the user can choose how to use them – either cash back or gift cards from select retailers such as Target & Amazon.

Fetch also has a loyalty program for users who frequently shop at certain stores; by signing up for loyalty memberships in-store, users can double their earnings every time they purchase items from that store and earn even more points towards rewards from Fetch. With Fetch Rewards, you can be sure to save stress-free while shopping with amazing deals.


Shopkick is a mobile app that rewards shoppers for certain activities. You can earn points known as kicks by scanning products, exploring stores and making purchases at partner stores. You get points for each successful activity and can then redeem them for exclusive coupons and discounts from the partner retailers. Even if you don’t make a purchase at the store, you can still collect points for just walking in.

The app also offers exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else as well as games that you can enter to win prizes or additional rewards. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who loves saving money while shopping!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that rewards you for shopping by giving you actual cash for scanning grocery receipts, online receipts, and other purchase-related photos. You get coins for each receipt that you submit, which can be traded in for real money.

Receipt Hog requires no commitment or subscriptions – just take a snapshot of your receipt and start earning coins! You can also collect additional coins by playing slots and spin games. Furthermore, these rewards can be collected while additional discounts are saved on the products you buy. Receipt Hog gives users control over their rewards and how quickly they can build up their wallets!


Mobisave is a cash back grocery app with many ways to save on selected USDA-certified organic brands. They have hundreds of offers from various online stores and even give rewards when you refer friends. Mobisave requires no physical coupons, so you don’t have to remember to bring your paper store circulars with you to the store. Instead, just buy the grocery items at their normal price and Mobisave will deposit your cash back directly into your PayPal or bank account within 48 hours.

One unique thing about Mobisave is that they offer what they call ‘Extras’ which are digital coupons that apply discounts at checkout without needing to submit a receipt after shopping. You can scan your store loyalty card and/or enter the phone number associated with it at checkout to get the coupon savings instantly applied towards your purchase right away. You can even earn a bonus of up to $30 during special events, while personalized offers allow you to tailor coupon availability based on your buying habits or location preferences.


SavingStar is a cashback app that lets you earn rewards whenever you purchase groceries or drugstore items. Whenever you make a purchase, the app will track your receipts and give you cashback instantly when your total reaches $5 or more. You can easily redeem your rewards via PayPal, bank deposit, or gift cards.

The app also offers a “Green” feature which tracks discounts on organic and all-natural products, and gives cash back when users reach certain money-saving milestones. SavingStar has partnered with hundreds of top retailers, so it’s easy to find stores where you can save on your everyday shopping trips.


BerryCart is a great shopping and rewards app that helps you discover natural and organic products. With BerryCart, you can save money on healthy food and snacks, as well as earn cash back rewards when you purchase them. All products featured on the app are 100% natural with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or hormones.

On BerryCart you can also search for healthy recipes and read about wellness tips from certified nutritionists.

The cash back rewards system works differently than most other grocery rebate apps. When you purchase an item with the BerryCart app, it adds money to your account in the form of points that can be redeemed for cashback at the end of each month after $10 dollars has been accumulated in points. In addition to offering exclusive savings and discounts, the app provides tailored recommendations based on your past purchases to suggest items that may be of interest to you.

Thank you for considering BerryCart as an Ibotta alternative!


Coupons.com is a free-to-use website that offers users an easy way to save money on groceries and other products. With Coupons.com, you can search as many offers as you like and clip digital coupons directly to your store loyalty card. Shopping with these coupons will automatically apply the savings at the checkout counter. Coupons from Coupons.com are printable and can be used in most grocery stores, drugstores, food retailers and big box chains across the US.

Coupons.com also has a rewards program where customers can earn points for discounts on future purchases when they clip digital coupons or use their store loyalty card at checkout. You can even use the points to get bonus cash back or gift cards from top retailers such as Best Buy,Target and Amazon. Additionally, users have access to exclusive deals when they sign up for newsletters or download a mobile app for extra savings on their favorite brands.


One popular app like Ibotta is Dosh. With Dosh, you link your debit and credit card to the secure app, and when you make purchases at participating stores, you’ll get cash back automatically deposited into your account. It’s like virtual cash that you can use for whatever purpose you choose or withdraw to your bank account. You don’t need to clip coupons or search for promo codes; Dosh does the work for you. Plus, if a friend signs up on your invitation, both of you will receive a sign-up bonus.

Some of the stores where you can get cash back include:

  • Walmart
  • Krogers
  • Costco – just to name a few!


Rakuten is a cash back shopping app that allows you to get money back on qualifying purchases. It is often used in conjunction with Ibotta, as both apps offer different types of deals that can be stacked together for even more savings.

While Rakuten does not specifically focus on grocery deals, it does offer discounts at chain stores like Walmart and other popular retail locations. After making a purchase, you simply take a picture of your receipt and submit it to Rakuten to receive your cashback rewards within a few days. Plus, Rakuten offers weekly bonus opportunities on top of regular rewards, making it one of the most beneficial apps like Ibotta.


TopCashBack is a cashback rewards program app and website that allows members to earn money back for everyday purchases. With TopCashBack, you can get cash back for shopping at over 4,400 retailers and brands. Over $285 million has been returned to users and you can use the app from any device or browser.

The app is free to join and easy to use. All you have to do is shop your favorite stores through TopCashBack, then submit your receipts or contract info to get the money back – it’s that easy! There are tons of opportunities for cashback on groceries, electronics, appliances, travel deals, and more! When you save on almost everything – what’s not to love?

No coupons are required when you use the app either; just activate an offer before making a purchase. You’ll also get access to exclusive deals every day. If you’re looking for an opportunity to save as much money as possible while still enjoying shopping from some of your favorite stores – TopCashBack should be your go-to choice!


Yazing is an online shopping rewards platform that enables users to receive cash and rewards for shopping through their platform. It is similar to Ibotta as customers can save money by earning cash back on eligible purchases. Yazing works with over 200 of the biggest brands and retailers, giving customers access to thousands of products.

Customers simply have to choose the brand they want to shop from, the amount of cashback they wish to earn, and then shop! Yazing’s platform also provides exclusive deals that users can take advantage of in store or online. Additionally, customers have the choice to link their credit-card account, loyalty cards or retailer accounts for automatic tracking and redemption of offers when shopping.


Groupon is a popular coupon mobile app from the United States that allows users to buy and redeem vouchers for discounts and offers at local businesses. The app is well-known for its local electronic payment options which provide user with exclusive deals available in their own city or town.

Groupon also makes it easy to search for deals on any product across the web, including travel, entertainment, dining and shopping. With Groupon’s iOS and Android Apps, users can also find great deals on everything from electronics to clothing items. Groupon has one of the largest collection of coupons available including discounts on products such as food, toiletries, beauty products and home essentials.

With its vast selection of deals, easy-to-use navigation bar and simple interface, Groupon provides a great user experience that is convenient and hassle-free.


Shopmium is a rebate app that allows you to save money on groceries, health and beauty products, and home essentials. It is free to join and easy to use.

To begin saving money with Shopmium, simply download the Shopmium app and create an account. Once you’ve done this, you can explore all of the deals available on the app by searching for products by name or category. When you find a product you like, add it to your “cart” and checkout using Apple pay or PayPal.

Once you have purchased your items at the store, open the Shopmium app and check in with your receipt within 30 days of purchase. You will then receive cash back on all of your purchases! Additionally, there are additional discounts specifically for users who have made at least one purchase using the Shopmium app.

Shopmium also allows users to earn bonus cashback if they share their savings experience with their family and friends via Facebook or Twitter. The more people who join Shopmium through your referral link, the more bonus cashback rewards you can receive!

Try out Shopmium today and start getting paid back for purchases that you’re already making!


The apps like Ibotta compiled here allow users to save even more money while shopping for items they need. By using retailer loyalty cards and digital coupons, shoppers can maximize their savings in minutes with a few clicks of the mouse or taps of a few buttons. In addition, each app discussed also offers extra bonuses, investments, payouts and other ways to make money quickly and easily.

It’s important to remember that not all stores accept some of these apps for various reasons. Always check ahead when downloading any of these apps before heading out to the store or making an online purchase in order to be sure that those coupons and discounts will be accepted at checkout. Once you’re familiar with what is available, it’s easy to start saving money on groceries with little effort!

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