6 TED Talks to Spark Meaningful Communication About Money: Unlock the Secrets of Financial Literacy Now

6 TED Talks to Spark Meaningful Communication About Money


Money is a difficult topic for many people to discuss, especially when it comes to talking about finances with family and friends. Financial topics can cause tension in relationships if communicated improperly or from a place of judgment or anxiety. But learning how to effectively communicate about money and build confidence within yourself and the relationships you’re in can help bring greater understanding and peace of mind on both sides.

TED Talks offer powerful insights on a range of topics, including personal finance. Here are six TED Talks to inspire meaningful conversations about money:

TED Talk #1: How to Make Stress Your Friend

In this TED Talk, psychotherapist and author Kelly McGonigal explores how stress can actually be an incredible resource – as long as we know how to use it. She discusses how our relationships, values and beliefs can help us navigate stress and create a more meaningful, empowered relationship with money and success. She provides tools and insights to help us make stress our friend and use it to achieve our goals.

Speaker: Kelly McGonigal

Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist, yoga and meditation teacher and author of the best-selling book The Willpower Instinct. Drawing from her research and teachings on stress, she delivers this passionate TED Talk that focuses on how to reframe our experiences with stress to help us become healthier and happier.

McGonigal believes that when we transcend our fear of stress, it can become a positive force in our lives. She explains how the link between stress, health, and happiness can be deceptively simple: if we view daily stress as a challenge instead of a threat – then it can actually increase feelings of vitality, engagement and purpose. Furthermore, she explains how practicing self-compassion is an integral part of being able to make stress your friend.

McGonigal offers tips for not just managing but actually leveraging your negative emotions so you no longer need to repress or ignore them – leading you to take ownership of your “stressed out” life. Her invigorating talk encourages us all to embrace our experiences with life’s difficulties rather than try to escape them – an empowering concept that just may change the way we look at ourselves and those around us.

Overview of Talk

In this TED Talk, psychologist Kelly McGonigal talks about how to make stress your friend. She explores our cultural attitude toward stress and looks at the surprising new science that suggests that stress can actually have beneficial results. She believes that changing our mindset about stress can help us become more productive and make better use of our natural strengths in times of difficulty.

McGonigal explains the psychological connection between stress, resilience, and longevity and advises using these findings to reframe how we view stressful situations. The talk ends with a discussion about the importance of self-care when it comes to dealing with stressful times, and encourages viewers to use their internal strengths rather than trying to run away from their problems. By combining understanding, acceptance, and mindfulness with taking action, McGonigal believes it is possible to use stress positively in life. This talk is sure to leave you inspired to find new ways of managing your daily challenges!

TED Talk #2: How to Buy Happiness

This TED Talk by Michael Norton examines the psychological benefits of spending money on experiences instead of material items. Norton draws from psychological research to explain how spending money on experiences increases our happiness and well-being. He also shares how people can make the most of their purchases and how limiting material items can lead to a life full of experiences.

Speaker: Michael Norton

Michael Norton, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, is the speaker for this TED Talk entitled “How to Buy Happiness”.

Norton argues that money can buy happiness, but not in the ways people usually think. Drawing on his research and his life experiences, he explains why buying experiences – like vacations or dinner with friends – can help lead to greater happiness, not just purchases of material goods. He also shares two strategies people can use to start buying more happiness today.

During his presentation, Norton speaks about his own personal reflections and insights on money and happiness in a humorous and heartfelt way. This TED Talk has inspired viewers all over the world to take a fresh approach towards experiencing true joy and satisfaction in their lives.

Overview of Talk

In this TED Talk, Michael Norton explores how we can buy happiness. He shares tips about how we can spend money to increase our life satisfaction and become happier in the long-term. Through game-like experiments, he shows us how spending on others often yields more satisfaction than spending on ourselves.

His data, stories, and ideas give us a better understanding of the connection between money, happiness and human interaction. Norton’s message encourages us to think more deeply about our spending habits and how they directly impact our mental health. In other words, rather than chase material objects as a source of joy or fulfillment, oftentimes it is focusing on building meaningful relationships that will yield lasting happiness.

Ultimately, this talk demonstrates ways in which we can use money as a force for good in our lives when invested into experiences with family and friends, charitable donations or expressions of gratitude for people’s contributions to our lives. These actions help strengthen community bonds and inspire hope in others:

TED Talk #3: How to Talk About Money with Your Partner

Money is an essential part of any relationship, yet it can often be the source of many arguments. In this TED Talk, financial planner Lynnette Khalfani-Cox shares her personal story of how talking openly and honestly with her husband about finances saved their relationship. She also shares tips on how to effectively communicate about money with your partner.

Let’s take a deeper dive into this TED talk and learn more about how to have meaningful conversations about finances:

Speaker: Manisha Thakor

Manisha Thakor is a renowned financial expert and the author of two books, Get Financially Naked: How to Talk About Money With Your Honey and On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance. Manisha co-founded an online budgeting service – called SavingBrave.com – dedicated to helping people of all ages achieve their financial goals.

Manisha’s TED Talk focuses on how to talk about money with your partner, examining why even the most committed couple may find it difficult, at times, to talk about money issues in an open and healthy manner. Manisha emphasizes honest communication and encourages couples to develop a shared vision for what they want their financial partnership to be like. She believes that having the willpower and courage to stay open and honest about the finances can make any relationship more rewarding – financially as well as emotionally. From communication exercises to setting long-term goals together, Manisha’s TED Talk provides couples with guidance for weaving money topics into ongoing conversations without unnecessary pain or stress.

Overview of Talk

In this TED Talk presented by Vicki Robin, she explains how to foster honest communication with your partner about money. Through practical steps, Robin explains how to reduce fear and break down the shame associated with talking about money so that couples can talk openly and honestly about finances.

Her 6-step framework is applicable to any kind of relationship and helps guide couples away from taboo topics to confidence when talking about money. Robin suggests that having a conversation about money can positively cultivate a strong foundation in any relationship based on trust and understanding. Her talk presents a thoughtful, meaningful approach to discussing finances in relationships so that both partners will feel heard and respected.

TED Talk #4: The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong

Amy Morin, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, explains how to develop mental strength in her TED Talk. She dives into the power of building resilience in our lives and how it can be a tool to live a more meaningful life. Amy emphasizes that internal dialogue is the key to becoming mentally strong and provides a list of things we can do to become more resilient.

This particular TED Talk is an inspiring look at building mental strength and understanding the power of communication around money.

Speaker: Amy Morin

Speaker Amy Morin is a psychotherapist and a lecturer at Northeastern University. She has garnered wide recognition for her best-selling book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” and has built a successful career helping others become mentally strong, resilient individuals.

In this TED Talk, Amy delves into the power of being able to recognize your mental strengths instead of focusing on just the weaknesses. With specific stories and examples, she explains how having courage and developing positive habits can create resiliency in times of difficulty. She also provides practical advice on how you can start pursuing mental strength in your daily life no matter your current situation.

Throughout her presentation, Amy describes vast psychological research that focuses on how to stay mentally strong during difficult times. She will leave you with a calm but reassuring lesson on how to build mental strength that will not only help you deal with hardship but will allow you to live an authentically happy life as well.

Overview of Talk

This TED Talk by Amy Morin discusses how to become mentally strong and avoid indulging in psychological weaknesses. Morin is a psychotherapist, speaker and author, who survived the tragedy of losing her husband at a young age. In this candid talk, she outlines three strategies for becoming mentally tough:

  1. Accept reality.
  2. Focus on what you can control.
  3. Understand that perseverance is the key to success.

To ensure a life of mental strength, Morin suggests reframing one’s thoughts to stay positive. She explains that mental toughness is made up of three skills: self-control, resilience and gratitude. Additionally, she advises setting realistic expectations rather than seeking instant gratification – it’s best to forget about feeling entitled and be flexible when circumstances don’t go as expected. Through her advice and personal stories, Morin demonstrates that everyone has the potential for mental strength if they cultivate self-acceptance and put in effort towards their goals.

TED Talk #5: The Power of Saving Money

In this TED Talk, financial expert Laura Adams shares actionable steps for listeners to start saving money to create financial stability. Adams shares her personal journey to financial freedom and sheds light on how to create a plan for long-term success. She challenges listeners to think about their relationship with money and how to save in a meaningful and effective way.

Speaker: Tim Urban

Tim Urban is the man behind the blog Wait But Why and is no stranger to TED talks, having given a hilarious talk about procrastination back in 2015. In “The Power of Saving Money”, he emphasizes the importance of saving money – as well as how it can have a profound impact on one’s life. This talk is framed in Urban’s unique and humorous spin, making it an enjoyable yet meaningful watch.

Urban educates viewers on all aspects of the power of saving money – from payment avoidance to long-term investing. He discusses why most people fail to save and why they should put more effort into it, such as investing in index funds and saving for times of need. He also dives into how people need to emotionally manage their relationship with money in order to be successful at saving.

It’s not just about putting money away though; it’s also very much about curbing spending habits – resisting urge purchases by understanding the difference between wants versus needs, tracking expenses and coming up with creative solutions like calculating purchasing costs. He wraps up his presentation by encouraging those watching that anyone can start saving money today no matter their current circumstances – because even small amounts add up over time.

Overview of Talk

In this TED Talk, personal finance coach John Ulzheimer discusses the power of saving money. He starts off by making an apt reference – “If it seems like money has a lot of power, it’s because it does.” He goes on to warn his audience of the consequences of not paying attention to money and saving it appropriately.

Ulzheimer stresses the importance of being mindful with your finances and encourages everyone to have an actual plan in place. He urges his viewers to take advantage of the power that comes with earning and saving money. This is incredibly important as it allows individuals to better enjoy life later on. According to Ulzheimer, “you don’t understand how valuable having options [for yourself] is until you actually need them.”

Ulzheimer emphasizes that conversations about money should never be considered taboo or off-limit topics for discussion. Rather, he recommends that we actively embrace our ability to manage our own finances and recognize how powerful we can be when we handle our money appropriately. Through effective monitoring, daily budgeting tools and financial planning, anyone can improve their situation if they strive for financial freedom for themselves and their families.

TED Talk #6: What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection

In this TED Talk, Jia Jiang shares his journey of embracing rejection through a 100-day challenge. He recounts stories of getting rejected for some of the most outlandish requests he could think of, and how it changed his perspective on rejection. He found that people were more willing to help him than he initially thought, and describes the importance of facing rejection head on.

This TED Talk is sure to spark meaningful conversations about money and the power of no.

Speaker: Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang is a risk taker and entrepreneur. When he was rejected for an idea to a tech giant, he decided to create his own challenge of seeking rejection for 100 days consecutively, from asking a stranger to borrow $100 to requesting free donuts at the bakery. Through his experiences and reflections on the process, Jiang uncovered real meaning behind rejection and valuable lessons about tenacity.

During his TED Talk, Jiang reveals how taking uncomfortable risks leads us closer to our goals and into breakthroughs of personal strength that we may not have known before. His candid talk invites viewers to join him in redefining what it means to be rejected in order to recognize and embrace the potentiality held within such moments. Using humor and charming stories, this speaker entertains while engaging the audience with relatable examples of bravery and truth-seeking in life’s unexpected opportunities.

Overview of Talk

In her TED Talk, Jia Jiang documents her challenge of facing 100 days of rejection. Witnessing the powerful effect that fear has on us and the hesitancy we can experience when beginning something new, she shares her journey of taking the extraordinary risk of asking outrageous requests.

Jiang’s quest began with a simple question: what if I took something most people try to avoid— rejection— and mastered it? She vowed to put herself out there, to ask for favors or unusual requests to demonstrate that daring greatly would often pay off. Jia goes beyond a typical step-by-step guide about how to deal with rejection and instead offers an exploration of how it can be used proactively as a form of growth in various aspects of our lives. She encourages viewers to embrace failure or unpopular actions as part of a potentially rewarding learning process.

Inculcated with her own stories, humorous defeats and triumphant victories, this talk shows us how each “no” can take us one slow step forward towards success.


In conclusion, money is an integral part of our lives and conversations surrounding our finances can be difficult to have. However, the TED Talks that have been highlighted here are excellent resources to help facilitate meaningful communication about money and allow us to connect with each other in a way that can improve our collective finances.

By listening to these talks, we can all become more educated about money and how it influences our lives and the world around us.

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