Analyzing Phemex Review: Expected Fees, Current Bonus & More

Phemex Review Analysis Expected Fees Current Bonus


Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been gaining traction since its launch in 2019. It is based in Singapore and offers a wide range of services for trading cryptocurrencies. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Phemex, including its features, fees, current bonus, and more. Additionally, we will also include a review analysis of the platform.

What is Phemex?

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange ranked in the top 10 largest exchanges worldwide by 24-hour trading volume. Founded in 2019 by eight ex-Morgan Stanley execs and an experienced team of developers, the exchange offers sophisticated derivatives and spot trading for crypto. The platform emphasizes security, speed, and simplicity, allowing traders to quickly place orders with advanced order types and trading strategies.

Phemex provides a suite of products including:

  • Margin trading
  • Futures contracts
  • Perpetual contracts
  • Index tracking products
  • Spot trading markets
  • and more.

They recently introduced their industry-first blockchain reward program that allows users to collect rewards for every trade made on their platform. By participating in the program users can earn up to 25% monthly compounded interest on their holdings.

Additionally Phemex offers competitive fees across all of their product lines compared to industry averages as well as promotional bonuses for enrolling new traders or referring friends. Low fees combined with fast order execution make Phemex a great choice for anyone looking for a secure exchange environment with plenty of features and options.

What services does Phemex offer?

Phemex is a crypto asset exchange which focuses primarily on derivatives trading. The exchange offers perpetual contract trading on all major cryptocurrency pairs, with up to 100x leverage, low fees, and 24/7 support from its team of analysts. In addition to perpetual contracts, Phemex also offers spot trading for various digital coins.

Phemex’s secure platform provides a range of trading functions for both professional traders and beginners alike. The spot market provides users with the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly at current market prices in a more traditional manner than perpetual contracts. Additionally, traders can access liquidity pools with zero-fee settlements through their Spot Balancer products.

For traders seeking higher levels of risk and reward, Phemex also offers Index Trading which tracks the value of multiple coins simultaneously in order to enable leveraged returns from movements in the index rather than single coins or pairs. Recently, Phemex added contracts for volatility indices that track the movement of several assets’ historical variance over a set time period, offering even more advanced risk management possibilities for sophisticated traders.

Phemex stands out from other exchanges by offering incredibly low fees for both spot trading and derivatives trading – takers pay only 0.03% fees on transactions while makers pay no fees at all! Furthermore, Phemex provides its users with bonuses including deposit bonuses up to $140 per claim, special scratch cards & lucky draws granting prizes such as free Bitcoin every day as well as discounts on futures trading fees when using their token PMX as collateral.


Fees are a key point of consideration when looking at a cryptocurrency exchange. Phemex has an overall competitive fee structure, which makes it an attractive platform for both traders and investors. The fees are divided into maker and taker fees, as well as Maker Rebate, Taker Rebate, and Deposit/Withdrawal fees. We will look into each of these in detail to get a clear picture of the fees on Phemex:

  • Maker Fees
  • Taker Fees
  • Maker Rebate
  • Taker Rebate
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

Trading fees

Trading fees are a fundamental part of any exchange and can differ significantly with the market you’re trading. Phemex have kept trading fees extremely low to attract traders that may have been discouraged by other exchanges’ high fees.

Generally, Phemex fee structure is based on maker-taker principle which rewards user for providing liquidity to the orderbooks by paying them slightly lower or “maker” fee, compared to users taking liquidity from the orderbooks – who pay slightly higher or “taker” fee.

This system incentivises users to provide liquidity and encourage more buy and sell orders in the system, which in turn improves market liquidity for everyone. The exact percentage for makers and takers depend on each market, but typically range between 0 – 0.07%. For isolated markets Phemex set a flat rate of 0.06%.

It is important to note that these figures only cover trade execution costs. All trades are also subject to option premium which changes constantly due to market conditions so they should be taken into account as well when estimating total cost of trade.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Phemex sets a maximum deposit and withdrawal fee, with the exact amount being determined by the external wallet service used.

Deposit fees come in two forms – the first is an internal fee imposed by Phemex itself which reflects the cost of handling deposits and withdrawals not just for yourself but all of our users. This fee varies from 0%–0.75%, depending on currency type and deposit or withdrawal amount. On top of this, you may be subject to a second external fee imposed by payment processor services – having its own limit – which acts as a transfer cost when depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrency onto our platform. All bank card transfers incur a fixed transaction charge of 4%.

Withdrawal fees vary slightly depending on currency type and withdrawal method, but range between $2–$75. Withdrawals in certain cryptocurrencies may also incur miner fees, depending upon blockchain network activity. All fees are displayed during confirmation so please check these before you proceed with making any changes to your account balance. Besides that, there is no minimum deposit needed when using Phemex and no additional transfer charges are added when withdrawing funds from supported wallets like Coinbase or Binance to our platform.

Other fees

In addition to the trading fees, there are also other fees to be aware of when trading on Phemex. These fees include:

  • Deposit Fees: Currently, Phemex does not charge a fee for deposits made to your account. However, depending on the method used, the provider and your bank may charge additional applicable fees.
  • Withdrawal Fees: As with deposits, withdrawals are free on Phemex; however, third-party providers or financial institutions may charge additional applicable transaction costs.
  • Inactivity Fee: An inactivity fee is charged after an account has been inactive for a period of twelve months or more with no activity recorded. The assessed fee will be equivalent to 0.0005 XBT for every subsequent 30-day period that an account does not have any activity until it reaches zero balance, at which time it will be classified as dormant and subject to auto-liquidation by Phemex’s system until it is reactivated again by its holder.


Phemex offers various bonuses and promotions for their customers. These bonuses can range from sign-up bonuses, to deposit bonuses, and much more. Having a bonus can be beneficial as it not only helps to add to your trading capital, but can also provide you with some extra rewards when using their services.

Let’s take a closer look at the bonuses that Phemex has to offer and what their expected fees and current promotions are:

Sign-up bonus

At Phemex, clients can receive a bonus for signing up and trading on the platform. The sign-up bonus is a deposit match bonus, and it is credited as a percentage of your first deposit. To qualify for the bonus, users must make a minimum deposit of $100 or more, depending on the current promotion in effect.

The exact amount of money you will be credited with depends on the current bonus campaign offered by Phemex at the time. Most promotions offer full coverage of your deposit up to 120%. This means that if you make a $100 deposit into your account, you will receive an extra $120 that can be used for margin trading and to cover potential losses from trades.

The bonus amount does not need to be utilized all at once; traders may save and use portions of their bonuses at any given time or return their deposits and cancel any unused portion if they decide to leave the platform and terminate their account before completing Phemex’s promotion requirements.

Referral bonus

Referral bonuses are a great way to earn extra cash while trading crypto. Phemex has some exciting offers in this regard. When a user invites someone to join the platform and they start trading, they receive a bonus dependent on the amount of funds that the referred user deposits.

The referral bonus structure works as follows: When an existing user is eligible for the referral bonus, 8% of trading fees paid by users that you have successfully referred will be credited to their account without them needing to do anything further. Rewards are calculated on a daily basis and deposited into their account automatically each subsequent day from referral registration up until the first deposit.

This bonus is only valid for as long as both users remain active traders on Phemex and applies for 14 days after each new user registers with Phemex; it also runs through referral commissions that are sent back to 24 hours after their first successful trade. This means that if you have a successful referred trader who has been on platform for 30 days or less, all of your rewards will be credited in this time frame. If your referral is still active at the end of 48 hours, your rewards will be issued and compounded until they reach 1 BTC or its equivalent value in USDT/XRP/ETH/LTC by derived market price converted rate of 14 consecutive business days.

Other bonuses

In addition to the welcome bonus, Phemex also offers other incentives to its users. This can include exclusive discounts on trading fees or attractive gifts and rewards. These bonuses are designed to increase user experience, as well as encourage traders to use the platform more frequently. Depending on your level of activity, you may be able to access these rewards from time to time.

Some examples of these bonuses include:

  • Verification bonus: Once you have verified your identity and contact information with Phemex, we may offer an additional verification bonus for 10 BTCT tokens.
  • Trading Fee Reduction: Depending on your trading volume over a given period of time, we may provide fee discounts or free trades in certain markets during that period.
  • Referral Reward Program: Invite your friends and colleagues to join Phemex and receive commissions whenever they trade on the platform. The commission rate is based on different tiers depending on your referral’s trading volume over 30 days.
  • Special competitions & giveaways: From time to time, we also organize different activities online such as flash trading events where participants can win prizes by trading a certain number of times within a short timeframe. Keep an eye out for these activity announcements!

Pros and Cons

Phemex is an online digital assets platform that provides exchange and trading services. It has become increasingly popular due to the competitive fees and high liquidity it offers. It is also an exchange that offers a variety of trading options and a few bonus programs.

In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of Phemex in order to provide an insight into the platform and help you decide whether it’s the right fit for you.


Phemex is an innovative derivatives exchange which offers up to 100x leverage on cryptocurrency trading. The platform has grown in popularity due to its fast and secure trading engine, low fees, great liquidity, and 24/7 customer support.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros that come with using Phemex for cryptocurrency trading:

  • User friendly: Phemex’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use even for beginners in crypto trading. It is well laid out and allows users to quickly navigate through the functions without any issues.
  • Wide range of choices: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Phemex offers a wide range of financial instruments from spot markets to perpetual contracts for margin trading. This ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of their experience level or investment objectives.
  • Fast and secure: The matching engine on Phemex can process up to 100,000 transactions per second with guaranteed low latency. This ensures that all trades are processed promptly without any errors or delays. Security-wise, the platform utilizes cutting edge technologies such as encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to safeguard user funds from unauthorized access or theft.
  • Low fees: Compared with other exchanges, Phemex offers some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry which start at just 0.05% per trade while maker orders don’t incur any fees whatsoever! It also provides attractive referral bonuses which allow you to reduce your fees even further when you refer friends or family members who sign up and trade on the platform through your referral link.


As with all trading platforms and services, there are pros and cons associated with using Phemex.

The two most significant drawbacks to using the service are its limited selection of assets and its lack of robust customer service options.

Phemex is focused on cryptocurrency, so if you’re looking for traditional investments, such as stocks or forex, it likely isn’t the best option. And while Phemex does offer a basic customer service live chat system, they don’t have a toll-free number or offer other services like telephone or email support.

Another potential drawback worth considering is that Phemex is different from some other exchanges in that it limits what traders can do with their accounts. For instance, certain trading functions may require an additional KYC verification process before being allowed to use those features. Furthermore, some leverage tiers may also require additional verifications for traders looking to trade above the predefined level. In addition, there are restrictions on what payment methods are accepted on the platform – users must use credit cards or bank transfers – which limits further access to the exchange’s capabilities.


In conclusion, Phemex is a fantastic crypto exchange that offers powerful tools for experienced traders and those just getting started. The margin trading platform offers competitive fees and a bonus structure for new traders. With various types of orders, the ability to create APIs, and high levels of security, it’s arguably one of the best crypto exchanges available.

In summary, Phemex is highly recommended for both beginner and advanced crypto traders looking to increase their crypto trading profits while minimizing their risk.

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