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The Best Personal Finance Apps Budgeting Investing More


Personal finance covers all the topics related to money management and financial success. Making smart financial decisions every day is essential for achieving long-term financial goals—whether that’s owning a home, having enough money saved for retirement, or something else.

For busy professionals, it can be hard to keep track of your finances and plan effectively for the future. That’s where personal finance apps come in. A variety of mobile applications exist today that help people manage their money, investments, payments and credit score, plan for retirement and more. These apps offer features like easy budgeting tools, intuitive user interfaces, access to dozens of banks, bill payment reminders and more.

Whether you’re just starting out on your financial journey or want to take things up a notch with advanced features like automated savings plans and custom portfolio building tools, there’s a personal finance app available for everyone’s needs. In this guide we look at some of the best personal finance apps available today as well as how they work and what they offer users.

Budgeting Apps

The first step to getting your finances in order is creating a budget. A budget is a plan for how you will save and spend your money. With technology becoming increasingly more advanced, there are now a variety of budgeting apps available to help you manage your money.

In this article, we will discuss the best budgeting apps and how they can help with your personal finance journey:


Mint is a popular budgeting app designed to help you keep track of your finances and make smart investments. It offers a suite of features that are useful for budgeting, setting financial goals, tracking investments and receiving personalized tips to better manage your money.

Mint was designed to be user-friendly and comprehensible. All of its features can be accessed on its website or through the Mint mobile app. The app has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate the various screens and use the features essential for managing finances.

You can link your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments into Mint’s secure system so you can track all your finances in one place. You can set budget limits for each spending category that are updated on a weekly or monthly basis depending on what works best for you. Ensuring that you stay within your budget limits is made easier with notifications sent to alert you when your spending is close to reaching those limits.

The app also provides graphs which visualize your spending habits so it’s easier to see where most of your money is going. You can then create an action plan with helpful tips tailored towards reducing expenses in certain categories or achieving specific financial goals such as saving for retirement or paying off debt faster. Finally, if you want to start investing for additional financial growth, Mint offers users advice about where it makes sense for them to invest based on their current investments, interests and risk tolerance levels.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget, known differently as YNAB, is an online budgeting application with the intention to help users get out of financial difficulties. By recording expenses and income, then assigning those funds to assigned goals, users will be able to reduce payments and get debt relief.

YNAB proceeds from four compliable rules:

  1. Give every dollar a job in your budget. This provides clear guidelines for managing your finances and lets you save for special items as opposed to spending as soon as you have it available.
  2. Embrace your true expenses by looking beyond just monthly bills; consider car or medical costs that may appear periodically throughout the year and prepare accordingly.
  3. Roll with the punches; this allows you overspend one area of your budget if it means another can stay on track without derailing your entire plan.
  4. Prepare for rain; this final rule calls on users to be prepared in case of an emergency or external fiances, such as a lay off or reduction in hours at work – plan ahead!

If you are interested in YNAB or are wondering if it could aid you in becoming financially secure and prepared for whatever comes then take advantage of their free trial option. In 34 days their system will help create new behaviours for establishing finances into actionable goals with real results seen almost immediately!


Goodbudget is a personal finance app that uses the tried-and-true envelope budgeting system to help you manage your finances. It syncs all of your data across multiple devices and is accessible from the web, mobile, and tablet. You can easily add expenses, adjust spending amounts, and track how much of your budget you’ve used.

Goodbudget allows you to set up virtual “envelopes” where you can store different categories of money for different parts of your budget, such as housing expenses, entertainment costs, or even a vacation account. The dashboard displays each envelope’s total available balance, so it’s easy to see at a glance how much money is left in each category.

You can also:

  • Create automated transfers from one envelope to another if needed.
  • Track progress towards financial goals with charts and visualizations.
  • Establish saving habits with round-ups from their spending as well as monthly deposits into envelopes for bigger purchases or savings goals.
  • Enjoy free online workshops for those who need additional guidance about budgeting basics or more advanced topics such as how to invest wisely.

Goodbudget is suitable for people who use cash or take funds out of an envelope each month but also want the convenience of technology – they don’t need to worry about extra fees since it’s totally free to use! Additionally, there are several options available if users want extra security such as adding account passwords (which require dual authentication) or choosing to back up their data responsibly with Apple cloud storage instead of storing it locally on their device.


PocketGuard is an all-in-one budgeting and money management app that helps users track their finances. It links to your bank and credit card accounts to easily identify where your money goes each month. This allows you to make well-informed decisions about where you should be spending, saving, and investing.

The app automatically creates a budget for you based on your transactions, income, goals, and bills as well as personalized insights into your finances. It also supports multiple currencies so you can keep track of different countries’ expenses. It also integrates with 3rd party financial services such as PayPal and Venmo.

PocketGuard is free to use with some added features available on the premium “Plus” version. With the Plus version users are able to:

  • Set savings goals that are broken out into specific categories
  • Get access to an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Connect external APIs (Facebook Ads API or Dropbox)
  • View sophisticated analytics
  • Receive detailed insights from Statement Analysis
  • Sync across devices so they will always have access from anywhere

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to take control of your finances, PocketGuard is a great tool that can provide clarity and convenience in managing your personal finances!

Investing Apps

Investing can be scary and intimidating for beginners, but thankfully there are now plenty of apps that make investing easier. With these apps, you can strategize, plan, and track your investments quickly and conveniently.

In this article, we will be exploring the best investing apps available and reviewing the features that make each one stand out from the others.


Acorns is a great investing app for people who are new to investing and don’t have a lot of capital. The app offers an easy way to save and invest small amounts of money – without the hassle of managing your own investments. With Acorns, you can make automatic investments in stocks and bonds with as little as $5. Acorns also offers tax-advantaged accounts such as IRAs, which allow you to save for retirement with investment options tailored specifically to your age and risk tolerance.

To begin investing with Acorns, first you’ll need to create an account through their website or mobile app. You’ll then be prompted to set up recurring deposits from your bank account which will be used for investments. Once you’ve confirmed the amount, frequency, and risk profile of your savings plan, Acorns will use these funds on your behalf to buy into ETFs (exchange-traded funds). These ETFs are designed to give you the most benefit and return within the risk level that you choose.

Acorn also offers several tools that help users track their progress in meeting savings goals such as:

  • Setting automatic deposits
  • Tracking monthly spending habits

Overall, Acorns is a great choice for those who want an easy way to begin investing in stocks and bonds but lack the time or financial know-how.


Robinhood is a popular investment platform that allows users to access the financial markets and make trades without paying commissions. Customers can also use their cash to earn high yields with three different types of high-yielding checking accounts – Robinhood Cash Management, Robinhood Gold and Robinhood Crypto.

Robinhood features a one-click trading dashboard that allows you to quickly execute trades with just one click. It also offers Limit, Stop Loss and Take Profit orders which help protect your profits or minimize losses from volatile markets. With Robinhood Stock Slicing, users can easily invest fractional shares in many large companies like Apple or Google for a fraction of the cost.

In addition to these powerful trading tools, Robinhood also offers extensive research tools such as real-time analysis of the markets and market trends. It has extensive learning resources such as webinars, market updates and personalized guidance from finance professionals. The app is available on iOS and Android devices allowing traders to stay connected wherever they go.

With no deposits or fees required for trade executions, Robinhood is an ideal choice for beginner investors who are looking to break into stock market investing without needing too much money upfront. Additionally, it is possible for more experienced investors to leverage its technology for more advanced strategies like options trading or futures trading in order to expand their portfolio potential further beyond traditional stocks investing alone.


Stash is a downloadable app platform primarily known for its user-friendly investing program, which allows users to invest in a range of stocks, funds, and ETFs with as little as $5. Stash also offers individual retirement accounts (IRA) and offers the ability to save and track spending.

The app is specifically designed for those who are new to investing or those who may not have access to or the knowledge of traditional investments solutions. It also provides advice for investors and offers personalized investment recommendations based on users’ goals, interests and risk profiles. The service is designed to provide a simplified but comprehensive approach to investing that can be tailored to meet one’s financial needs—without being overwhelming or expensive.

In addition, Stash is mobile friendly, allowing users to access their account information anytime from almost any device.


Wealthfront is an automated, low-cost digital wealth management platform that offers personalized financial planning and portfolio management services. Wealthfront helps investors make the most of their money by leveraging software solutions to provide financial advice and portfolio management. It is designed for those who are just getting started in investing, as well as those who have more experience and need help managing multiple investments or reaching goals.

Wealthfront provides features such as automatic tax-loss harvesting, distribution planning, account rebalancing, anonymous peer comparisons for tracking investment performance, risk analyzer tool to create a custom portfolio based on your risk profile and investment strategy preferences. Additionally, users can sync up other accounts including IRA’s or 401(k)’s, cash accounts (e.g., checking), and debt such as student loans or mortgages so they can have a better overview of their financial life at any time they log in.

Furthermore, Wealthfront’s goal-based portfolios include investments across multiple asset classes including equities and bonds, providing an easy way to track your progress towards achieving your goals – whether a child’s college tuition or retirement savings – all in one place.

Other Apps

In addition to the popular personal finance apps for budgeting and investing, there are several other apps available on the market that can help you with your finances. These apps include apps for tracking spending, saving money, and even setting financial goals.

From apps that help you make extra money to ones that help you save more, there are a variety of apps to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available:


Digit is a popular automated saving app that allows users to connect their bank accounts and start saving in minutes. Digit helps you easily build savings with no fees or hidden costs. It tracks your spending, saves what you can afford and keeps you updated with notifications about your balance.

The app uses an algorithm to calculate the best amount to save from your checking account each day, transferring it into a secure savings account, which works great for those who don’t like to budget manually or don’t have time for it. It also has rewards such as bonus money when you save regularly plus quarterly bonus money opportunities.

With its no-fuss setup, Digit can be a great tool if you’re looking for an easy way to save without too much effort.


Mvelopes is a comprehensive budgeting and finance app that helps you set your budgets, store documents securely, and track bills. This app offers expense tracking and categorization to help you stay on top of your finances, as well as insights into your spending habits for future budgeting.

You can use this finance app to access multiple bank accounts in one place and setup automatic transfers when you receive a paycheck so you pay yourself first. Additionally, Mvelopes offers real-time alerts when a transaction is made, so you can quickly keep track of your expenses. With Mvelopes’s digital envelope system, users can budget flexibly while still keeping the same envelope system they’ve always used. This app also provides tools like debt reduction plans and retirement calculators to help users reach their financial goals.

Lastly, all of your data is securely encrypted and backed up in the cloud with multi-level encryption technology for complete protection around the clock.


Qapital is a free mobile app that lets you save and invest on your own terms. The app makes it easy to set up savings goals and transfers funds from your checking account into separate, FDIC-insured Qapital accounts to achieve those goals.

Qapital also offers premium features such as automated saving rules, account management tools, round-up savings, zero commission stock investing, and personal loan services. You can use the app to customize your saving plans so that you build a financial safety net while investing in your future. It also helps keep track of investments so that you can stay organized and know when it’s time to invest again or move on with other areas of your finances.

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting out with savings accounts, Qapital is an easy way to take control of your money and diversify into riskier investments such as stocks or options trading while still having access to traditional investment methods like mutual funds. With Qapital, users can set targeted investment strategies through smart portfolios tailored for their life goals like retirement, homeownership, or any number of other important milestones in life.

Level Money

Level Money is a finance app that helps users to track their income, expenses and bills in order to build a budget and manage their finances. It has the ability to sync with financial accounts, set goals for spending and saving, get tips when approaching over-budgeting, and receive feedback from personal finance experts.

This app is ideal for those who want an easy way to keep detailed records of their finances. By offering a comprehensive view of spending and savings, Level Money can help users achieve their financial goals. With its intuitive user interface, simple budget management tools, and comprehensive analysis of income trends, users can easily monitor their daily financial activities and adjust accordingly.

Level Money also has an automated investment option which allows users to automatically invest in the types of funds that they feel comfortable with – ranging from stocks and bonds to mutual funds. This feature ensures that users choose investments that work best for them while allowing them to keep control over their money. Additionally, it offers guidance on investment decisions by providing access to expert advice on what funds are most suitable for different investment objectives such as long-term wealth building or retirement planning.

By providing an excellent overview of financial data in one convenient location – as well as predictions about future trends – Level Money is an ideal choice for those looking for an efficient way to stay informed about their finances.


Making smart financial decisions requires some education, discipline and dedication. Fortunately, a wide range of apps are available to assist you in every aspect of personal finance from budgeting to investing and more. Whether you are just getting started or have plenty of experience navigating the world of finance, these apps can provide a convenient and secure way to stay on top of your finances and be sure that your money is working for you.

The best personal finance app for you will likely depend on what goals you hope to accomplish and which features are more important for those goals. Consider your own wants, needs, goals and situation when selecting an app, so that the app fits perfectly into your financial picture. Doing this research in advance will help ensure that you choose the best personal financial app for your needs.

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