Get to Know Hilary Swetz, Personal Finance Writer at The Ways To Wealth

Hilary Swetz Personal Finance Writer at The Ways To Wealth


Introducing Hilary Swetz, the Personal Finance Writer at The Ways To Wealth. With her industry experience and passion for writing about personal finance topics, Hilary helps readers make the most out of their hard-earned money.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Hilary and the motivation behind her writing.

Overview of Hilary Swetz

Hilary Swetz is a Personal Finance Writer at The Ways To Wealth. She has been working diligently in the field of financial literacy since 2013. As an experienced writer in personal finance, Hilary has consistently presented straightforward strategies to help consumers increase their knowledge and money-making potential.

Drawing on her 20+ years experience in marketing, commerce, legal studies, and public service roles, Hilary offers financial guidance that is both authoritative and accessible. Her perspectives reflect a unique combination of policy knowledge, corporate accountability practices, project management technique, and intergovernmental collaboration strategy. This provides readers with actionable strategies to improve their individual financial situations and that of the wider economy.

Due to her research-based approach to writing about money topics such as investing for retirement, emergency funds & budgeting for rainy days; Hilary has been featured in industry blogs & provincial newspapers like the Toronto Star. She has also appeared on podcasts such as the Rob Carrick Personal Finance Show alongside personal finance experts like Bruce Sellery & website 100 Mile Journey founder Ryan Dacombe.

Hilary is therefore well positioned to not only help readers unlock their financial potential but also make more informed decisions when it comes to how they manage their money and use it to reach their long-term goals.

Hilary’s Career Path

Hilary Swetz is a personal finance writer, creator of The Ways To Wealth blog, and frequent guest speaker. Hilary has devoted her career to helping ordinary people better understand their finances and how to build wealth over time.

Hilary has studied topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning, debt repayment strategies, and more. Her career began in the banking industry where she worked with clients in financial services consulting firms like Deloitte and Dow Jones & Company. After a few years in the corporate world she decided to focus on blogging which allowed her to give her advice on a larger platform.

Hilary is committed to creating useful content for her readers that provide actionable tips for managing money better now and into the future. Her work has been featured by prominent media outlets such as CNBC, Financial Times and many others. Her mission is to help individuals build wealth without sacrificing their quality of life or taking major risks with their investments.

Hilary’s Writing

Hilary Swetz is an experienced personal finance writer who has been writing for The Ways To Wealth since 2018. She is well-versed in a wide range of topics related to personal finance and is also an avid reader and researcher. Hilary’s writing is both thought-provoking and relevant to modern life. Her articles are filled with practical tips and advice to help people better manage their money and improve their financial well-being.

Let’s take a look at Hilary’s writing and some of the topics she covers:

Hilary’s Writing Style

Hilary Swetz is a personal finance writer for The Ways To Wealth, an online resource for personal money management. Hilary’s writing style has two primary components: firstly, she provides detailed financial advice that is easy to understand, and secondly, she offers compelling personal stories that put the advice into context.

Hilary believes it is important to explain the “why” of investing and budgeting so that people recognize the real-world importance of learning and taking action. Through her posts and articles, Hilary provides readers with tangible steps they can take to make useful changes in their life.

Whether she is on her website discussing budgeting basics or writing guest posts for large publications, Hilary brings an organized approach to each of her topics. Her writing style helps readers break down difficult concepts into easily actionable ones without sacrificing readability or quality of ideas. She supports her assertions with data from reliable sources and gives clear instructions to make money managing simpler.

By creating an inviting atmosphere where anyone can learn something new about finance in an entertaining way, Hilary’s work has become a staple in the online personal money management community.

Hilary’s Writing Topics

Hilary is an experienced freelance writer specializing in content marketing, SEO-friendly web copy, blog posting and more. She has a particular interest in medical writing and is experienced in creating materials for a variety of medical professionals, including doctors and nurses. In addition to her medical writing credentials, Hilary also writes about business topics, such as management systems and workplace culture. She also writes about lifestyle topics that range from travel to home decorating. Hilary is skilled at researching topics quickly and can turn around quality content under tight deadlines.

Here are just some of the writing topics that she specializes in:

  • Medical Writing
  • Business Systems
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Management Practices
  • Workplace Culture
  • Home Decor & Design
  • Health & Wellness

Hilary has a wide breadth of knowledge which she draws on when completing assignments for clients across industries. Whether you need white papers or blog postings, Hilary will work with you to create highly organized and engaging materials tailored to your desired audience. Contact her today for more information about how she can help you with your next project!

Hilary’s Writing Accomplishments

Hilary Swetz is a personal finance writer with The Ways To Wealth, helping millions of readers track their finances and reach their goals faster. Hilary has been writing in the finance sector since 2018 and has built a unique skill set that drives readers to make smart decisions with their money. She specializes in simplifying intimidating topics like investing, budgeting, and taxes into easy-to-digest bits of advice.

Hilary’s writing is regularly featured on major media outlets like CNBC, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, Forbes (contributor), Money Under 30 and more. She strives to make personal finance topics less confusing and more approachable for today’s average reader while delivering sound research and data analysis skills. Her ability to explain complex financial concepts can help people from all walks of life understand investments better.

In addition to her work at The Ways To Wealth, Hilary speaks at various seminars on the topics of investing and personal finance. She draws upon her knowledge as an experienced freelance writer in talks about money management and achieving long-term financial success. With over 4 years of experience as a knowledgeable writer delivering actionable information and tips into the arena of personal finance, Hilary strives to educate others on how to better manage their money for ultimate financial freedom and success in life.

Hilary’s Personal Finance Advice

Hilary Swetz is the personal finance writer at The Ways To Wealth. Her articles offer sound advice on money topics that are easy to understand. Whether you’re looking to improve your budgeting, paying off debt, increasing your savings rate, or investing for retirement, Hilary’s writing can provide inspiring, actionable steps to help you reach your financial goals.

Let’s take a look at some of her personal finance advice:

Hilary’s Approach to Financial Planning

Hilary Swetz is a personal finance writer at The Ways To Wealth. Hilary’s approach to financial planning focuses on helping her readers create financial independence and freedom. Her techniques draw from both the psychology of money, as well as the tactical ideas and execution of a sound personal finance plan.

When it comes to financial planning, Hilary has an easy-to-follow game plan for all types of situations.

  • The first step is to identify your financial goals, develop a realistic budget and track your spending to ensure you are meeting your goals and making progress each month. She also recommends tracking key metrics, such as debt-to-income ratio and net worth, so that you can monitor your overall financial health over time.
  • Hilary also advocates investing in low-cost index funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in order to reduce costs while still capturing reasonable stock market returns. If necessary or desired, sophisticated investors can customize their portfolios with individual stocks or added asset classes like real estate or bonds, but Hilary generally recommends going the passive route until an investor has achieved some level of success with investment returns.
  • Finally, she encourages her readers on finding ways to make more money through side hustles or starting their own businesses to increase their income potential quickly while still having the time they need for family and friends living their best life.

Hilary’s Tips for Saving Money

When it comes to saving money, Hilary Swetz has some advice that anyone can use. Her tips are specific and detailed, with ideas to help you save money no matter where you’re at in your financial journey.

One of the most important parts of developing a successful budget is understanding your spending patterns. Identify areas where you are overspending, such system recurring expenses for software subscriptions or even services like streaming applications that can be eliminated. Small adjustments add up quickly so focus on finding solutions that work best for you specifically.

When it comes to saving money, having a goal in mind to strive for is key. Whether it’s making a five minute budget every week or setting up an automatic transfer from checking to savings each month – having specific goals will keep you on track towards meeting them and then some! Try breaking up your goals into smaller pieces so they don’t seem as daunting and overwhelming.

Creating an emergency fund is also key when developing any budget – make sure to set aside some cash as part of your regular savings plan in case of an unexpected expense or need down the line. The goal should be to reach at least three months worth of living expenses in order to weather financial storms that come along in life.

Finally, invest wisely when building wealth – use 20% of your take-home pay each month (or however much fits into your budget) towards things outside traditional savings accounts such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds etc., depending on what level risk works best for you. This way, any returns will compound over time resulting in greater overall wealth down the road!

Hilary’s Investment Strategies

Hilary understands that investing can be daunting, yet she emphasizes that it is essential if people are to reach their financial goals. Through extensive experience, Hilary has established a framework of investment strategies for success.

  • Invest in an index fund. This allows you to get broad exposure to the stock market and provides a great starting point for beginning investors. It is also low risk and provides a way to diversify your investment portfolio over the long-term.
  • Consider real estate investments such as rental properties or REITs. Real estate can be an excellent asset class with potential for high returns over time. However, it requires knowledge and a lot of research before taking on this investment strategy. Taking on a rental property requires extra steps such as finding tenants and handling maintenance – it’s not for the faint of heart!
  • Look into commodities and cryptocurrency investments. While these may involve more risk than traditional investments like stocks and bonds, they can offer higher returns as well as diversification away from traditional asset classes.
  • Look into alternative investments such as private equity or venture capital funds. These smaller funds often require larger contributions but can also produce higher returns over time if chosen wisely. Be sure to do your own research before investing in these alternative asset classes!

Hilary’s Impact

Hilary Swetz has been a personal finance writer at The Ways To Wealth since October of 2019. Through her writing, she helps individuals learn financial literacy and grow their wealth. Her impact has been felt across readers of all ages, backgrounds, and finance levels.

This article will explore Hilary’s impact, and discuss how her work has changed the financial landscape.

Hilary’s Influence on the Personal Finance Community

Since Hillary began her personal finance blog in 2014, she has become a celebrated figure among the personal finance community. Her ability to provide informative and entertaining content that is accessible to all makes her a staple contributor within the community. From tips and tricks on how to make huge stocks investments, to navigating the complicated world of taxation, she has been a trusted source in helping readers around the globe to make prudent financial decisions.

From simple budgeting reminders through her blog to meticulous advice on retirement planning and other asset diversification strategies with webinars, Hilary’s articles cover both beginners’ basics of controlling spending and experts’ knowledge of managing finances more efficiently. In addition to that, she has joined forces with nonprofits that help people increase their overall financial literacy such as United for Retirement Security.

Finally, Hilary’s advice does not stop at readers merely securing their future finances. She also encourages people to be informed about charitable impact investing, which involves many types of investments that are intended not only for profitable return but also for social benefit.

These undertakings illustrate the nonstop commitment from Hilary in support of those who want financially secure lives but also want those around them benefit from it too— an admirable characteristic shared by few influencers within this field.

Hilary’s Impact on The Ways To Wealth

Hilary Swetz joined The Ways To Wealth in 2021 as a Personal Finance Writer and has since quickly established herself as an expert on the topics of investing, budgeting, debt management, and financial freedom. Since joining The Ways To Wealth, Hilary has been integral to the development of many of the website’s content-rich posts covering simple money-saving tips and creative strategies for building passive income streams.

Through her work with The Ways To Wealth, Hilary has become well-known for providing practical advice to help readers accomplish their financial goals. She explains complex fiscal concepts with an easy-to-understand tone to assist new investors in making their first steps in the market. She also breaks down real estate investing tips for first time buyers and explains ways to navigate the process of improving credit scores. Furthering her reach, Hilary contributes regularly to other financial publications including the New York Times and Forbes.

Additionally, Hilary provides her subscribers with weekly insight through her personal finance newsletter which offers a fresh perspective on managing money – from cutting out unnecessary expenses to generating revenue streams through freelancing or side hustles. By reminding readers that “it’s ok not be an expert” when it comes to personal finance topics, she encourages individuals regardless of age or level of experience to take charge of their finances and reach their end goal: gain financial clarity. Her inspiring message resonates with many developing personal finance enthusiasts who use her writing as a guide which eventually leads them down the path towards stability and abundance through strategic money management practices.

Hilary’s Advice for Aspiring Writers

Hilary Swetz is an experienced personal finance writer who started her career as an accountant and also ran a side hustle for years. She now writes about personal finance on The Ways To Wealth and shares tips that she picked up over the course of her journey.

Hilary believes that aspiring writers should learn from her experiences to make the best impact on readers. According to Hilary, one of the most important aspects of writing is focusing on creating clearcut, actionable guidance for your audience. It’s important to remember that everything you write should be in service to your readers, not just filler material to reach a certain word count limit.

In addition, Hilary suggests writers ensure they put themselves in their readers’ shoes when developing content by asking questions like: “How can I make this topic even more helpful and actionable?” This can help you better deliver the right advice your audience needs without making assumptions or generalizing too much.

Hilary also encourages budding writers to hone their skills by reading as much as they write – this helps familiarize new authors with different types of content formats and styles while improving their writing skills overall. Additionally, staying current with industry news and trends enables them to keep their articles timely and relevant while pulling from real-world examples in finance or any other niche they cover.

Lastly, Hilary advises aspiring authors be resourceful when it comes to finding good topics for articles – diversity fosters creativity which leads to more engaging reads for their audience!


Hilary Swetz is an incredibly successful personal finance writer who has been writing for The Ways To Wealth since 2018. In this article, we have discussed Hilary’s journey with TWTW and her career. We have also discussed the amazing advice and tips that she offers to her readers on the blog.

Ultimately, we can all learn a lot from Hilary’s success and her experience of writing for a major personal finance website.

Summary of Hilary’s Accomplishments

Hilary Swetz is an accomplished Personal Finance Writer at The Ways To Wealth. After graduating from college with a degree in accounting and finance, Hilary was immediately offered a job at the top blogging site, Made Vibrant. She quickly got to work and wrote hundreds of articles on money-saving strategies, budgeting tips, investment analysis, personal finance trends, credit management and more. During her three years there she also wrote several e-books on personal finance topics and served as the Managing Editor for two books with multiple authors.

Hilary then moved to The Ways To Wealth where she serves as the Senior Personal Finance Writer and Editor. She continues to write dozens of articles every month covering personal finance topics from debt repayment strategies to investing principles to frugal lifestyle tips. Her ability to break down complex financial information into easily digestible pieces for everyday people has won her many devoted readers across the globe.

By sharing her own experiences with money along with a commitment to helping readers become better stewards of their hard-earned cash, Hilary aims to bring financial education and empowerment back into the hands of everyday people who don’t have a law or MBA degree in finance.

Hilary’s Advice for Those Pursuing Financial Freedom

No matter where you are currently in your financial journey, there is something to be gained from understanding the basics of personal finance. Hilary Swetz, a personal finance writer at The Ways To Wealth, offers advice on how to prioritize and manage finances in order to achieve financial freedom.

According to Hilary, financial freedom is more than just having enough money—it’s about creating the right habits and mindset that will help you reach your goals. She recommends taking an active role in managing expenses, setting public and private goals, learning to budget better and tracking finances regularly. Additionally, she suggests finding activities that motivate you to save more money—reframing expenses into investments or creating a side hustle can make you feel empowered by your own success towards achieving financial freedom.

Finally, Hilary recommends that building an emergency fund should be part of any financial plan. It is important to have a “cash cushion” on hand for unexpected or costly events such as job loss or medical bills. Having at least three months of living expenses saved up can make all the difference when it comes to taking steps toward achieving personal and financial independence.

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