Is Arcadia Power Legit? Find Out if You Can Really Save Money with This Review

Arcadia Power Review Is It Legit Do You Save


Arcadia Power is a climate-tech company that provides clean energy solutions for its customers. They were founded in 2014 and are headquartered in Washington D.C. The company offers green energy solutions, customer service, and bill management which are aimed at helping customers save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Arcadia Power’s services and review is it legit do you save?

  • We’ll start by looking at what Arcadia Power is offering its customers—a suite of clean energy solutions ranging from renewable energy purchases to helpful tools to help you manage your energy consumption.
  • We’ll then take an in-depth look at their Clean Energy Marketplace – Arcadia power’s online platform which is designed to let you purchase renewable energy easily and securely.
  • We will also examine the range of green initiatives that Arcadia Power provides, as well as the customer support it offers to assist customers with their green journey into cleaner sources of electricity.
  • Finally, we will review how the savings from using Arcadia power stack up against other providers so you can make an educated decision if this plan is right for you or not.

By the end of this article, you will have a complete idea on if Arcadia Power can save you money while helping your efforts towards a greener planet.

What is Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a utility service provider that offers residential customers a way to reduce electricity bills while also supporting renewable energy initiatives. With Arcadia Power you are able to reduce your electricity bills and offset 100 percent of your electricity use with wind and solar energy.

This review will provide an overview of Arcadia Power, the services they offer, and how it can benefit customers.

How Does Arcadia Power Work?

Arcadia Power is a web-based software platform that helps customers make more environmentally conscious energy decisions. It is an innovative service provider that offers residential energy savings solutions to its members, allowing them to offset their energy use by investing in renewable energy projects, like wind and solar.

The first step in the process is to sign up for an Arcadia Power account and provide some basic information, such as your address and billing information. Arcadia Power then works with utility companies to get your home set up with green energy sources – wind or solar, depending on which option you choose – and tracks any associated credits or bills. You’ll also get access to an online dashboard where you can view your monthly usage data, monitor your green investments and track your financial savings.

Once you are set-up with the new green sources of power, you only pay for the amount of electricity that you use; no changes will be made to your current utility bill or meter readings. The goal is for Arcadia Power users to end up saving money on their monthly bills to ultimately offset their energy costs over time. For those who are really looking to save money each month, Arcadia Power also offers discounts based on sign-up bonuses as well as referral fees and credits from their providers.

What Are the Benefits of Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a free platform that helps consumers save money and use clean, renewable energy regardless of where they live. It’s an online service offering several options to help customers reduce their power bills and take advantage of locally available energy sources.

The main benefit for consumers is that it simplifies the process of making the switch to clean energy sources like solar and wind power, without the expensive costs typically associated with it. Customers can connect to local renewable energy projects in their area, allowing them to start using clean power without any upfront investments or installation fees.

Additionally, Arcadia Power gives users access to additional services like:

  • Home energy audits
  • Heating and cooling upgrades
  • Appliance protection plans
  • Energy efficiency tools and more.

With these tools, people can save even more by improving how much they use electricity in their home which helps them cut down their utility bills.

The platform also makes it easy for customers to receive community solar credits directly onto their utility bill every month. This allows them to enjoy savings when they switch to community solar services even if they don’t own a rooftop system or live in a part of the country where rooftop installation isn’t available. They also can get access to on-bill financing that enables consumers to pay over time with low interest rates and flexible payment terms. Finally, Arcadia Power’s free bill tracking feature allows you keep track of current usage patterns so that you know exactly how much you’re spending every month on your energy bill.

Arcadia Power Pricing

The cost of Arcadia Power’s services vary depending on the type of subscription you choose and the amount of energy you use. The basic Arcadia Power plan is free and allows you to offset 100% of your energy usage with clean energy from renewable sources. Arcadia Power also offers more advanced plans that come with additional features and benefits.

Let’s dive into the details of Arcadia Power pricing:

Is Arcadia Power Worth It?

When considering whether or not to sign up for Arcadia Power, it’s important to understand their pricing structure. If you decide to enroll in the service, you may be eligible for a variety of benefits, such as renewable energy credits and discounts on your electricity bill.

Arcadia Power’s primary means of generating revenue is a monthly fee that you pay directly to them. This membership fee is typically between $5-$10 depending on your location and eligibility. As long as you are enrolled in the program, you will have access to all of the site’s benefits and services.

Another way Arcadia Power generates revenue is via their Clean Energy Investment Program (CEIP). When joined, CEIP allows customers to invest a small percentage of their electric bill into clean energy projects such renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. The investments made through CEIP are tax-deductible and it can make an significant impact on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into our atmosphere annually.

Finally, there are additional fees associated with using certain features available at Arcadia Power such as negotiated rates with partner utilities or custom environmental assessments that are designed specifically for your household energy consumption patterns.

Although there may be additional fees incurred when utilizing certain features of Arcadia Power— signing up for their services may be worth it if residing in an area where there aren’t many options available when choosing an electricity provider or wanting to reduce one’s carbon footprint by investing in clean energy projects.

Arcadia Power Reviews

If you’re looking for an alternative energy source for your home, you may have heard about Arcadia Power. This company provides clean energy from renewable sources to households across the United States.

But is Arcadia Power legit and will you actually save money when you switch? Let’s take a closer look at Arcadia Power reviews to find out.

What Do Customers Say About Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power has attracted a positive response from customers, due to its convenience, simplicity and commitment to sustainability. Reviews on Trustpilot give the company an “Excellent” rating of 4.7/5, with overwhelmingly positive comments relating to customer service and monthly savings achieved through their services.

Many customers describe the sign-up process as straightforward and cite the effortless switchover from their standard utility provider. Other customers were also impressed by how simple it was to start saving money on their utility bills with Arcadia Power, as well as how easy it is to track energy usage and make changes to their account.

In addition, some reviewers have expressed appreciation for the commitment Arcadia Power has made to supporting clean energy sources, expressing gratitude for being able to access renewable energy without having any solar panels present in their homes or apartments.

Furthermore, Arcadia Power’s customer service has received numerous compliments from both current and past customers. Many cite faster-than-promised response times from customer service representatives when problems arise or questions need answering.

Pros and Cons

The Pros & Cons of Arcadia Power provide an opportunity for customers to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this electricity-services platform. Arcadia Power is essentially a broker service that connects customers with renewable electricity suppliers, providing customers the ability to purchase either 100% wind or solar electric power without the hassle and cost of traditional installation. Customers have a range of benefits they can take advantage of, including fixed-rate offers, credits for green energy purchases, and access to special offers from Arcadia’s network partners. With so many potential benefits, it’s important to understand what may be less desirable aspects before signing on with this service.


  • Customer-centric interface – The onboarding process is user friendly and provides an easy overview of services offered.
  • Lower cost than most traditional options – The fixed rate structure generally produces lower costs than traditional energy providers.
  • Accessibility & flexibility – Customers can join from anywhere in the U.S., electing to choose plans with one or multiple suppliers at their own convenience.
  • Access to green energy credits & special offers – Many times customers can receive additional savings when purchasing through Arcadia’s network partners in their state or local area.


  • Restricted availability – Not available in all states or utility services; availability varies by region across the U.S..
  • Least Cost Energy Plan Mandatory – All customers must select one least cost provider within 30 days from signing up; by default is 100% wind plan but this means that customers don’t get choice for choosing solely renewable sources such as solar power if desired (Choice not available currently).
  • Might not deliver multiple source plans – In some regions, marketplace products are simply not available for consumers who want both renewable and nonrenewable sources unless amounts are equal (an impossible feat).


In conclusion, Arcadia Power is a legitimate company that offers renewable energy plans and has innovative features. With pre-paid electricity, you are able to lock in a fixed electricity rate depending on how far out you want to plan. This saves customers money in the long run and many people have found Arcadia Power to be an excellent choice for their utility needs.

The pay-as-you-go feature allows customers to save money while helping protect the planet by choosing clean renewable energy sources like solar power and wind power at no extra cost. Get Ready Rewards is another great benefit of signing up with Arcadia Power as it allows customers to save even more money with exclusive discounts.

If you’re looking for ways to save on your utilities and reduce your environmental impact, Arcadia Power may just be what you’re looking for.

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