Review: Google Opinion Rewards Offers Quick Surveys But Limited Earning Potential

Google Opinion Rewards Review Quick Surveys But Limited Earning Potential


Google Opinion Rewards is an app created by Google. It pays users to complete short surveys. There are no registration fees or hidden costs associated with this app. The surveys typically take anywhere from five to 30 seconds and can pay anywhere from $0.10 to a few dollars depending on their length and complexity. Participants can redeem their earnings through an online marketplace such as PayPal or through gift cards offered by national retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and others.

The money that users earn through Google Opinion Rewards is kept in an account within the Google Opinion Rewards app itself. Funds are then transferred directly into users’ bank accounts, which makes it easy and convenient for them to collect earnings from the survey responses they’ve provided. Additionally, participants can connect with other user feedback in forums within the app where they can share experiences about particular surveys or review their rewards for accuracy of details provided.

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way for individuals looking to make some extra cash without committing too much time answering surveys on a regular basis since the payout isn’t significant enough for most people to rely solely on survey income as a primary source of income. However, if you’re not looking for full-time work but need some extra pocket money between jobs or during your spare time, it’s definitely worth considering!

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is a free app offered by Google that enables users to participate in short surveys in exchange for Google Play credits. This can be an easy way to earn small amounts of money or access various apps for free. However, there are some limitations to the surveys and earning potential with this app. Let’s dive into the details.

How does it work?

Google Opinion Rewards is a free mobile application developed by Google to get feedback from users through surveys. After downloading the app and logging in with your Gmail account, you can answer short surveys to be rewarded with Google Play credits – which can be used to purchase items in the Google Play store. These surveys are quick and generally require only a few seconds of your time, but they often offer limited compensation.

Once signed into the app, it will select members for surveys – usually between one and three times a week depending on your location. Surveys consist of mostly multiple choice questions about consumer goods or services. Generally you’ll receive between 10-30 cents per survey though some may award larger amounts from time to time. After you complete each survey you will be sent an email containing a redeemable code that can be used to add funds to your Google Play balance or a gift card – depending on the amount of money earned.$0.50 earned equals $0.50 credit on Play Store but transfers do vary by country so it’s best to check ahead before expecting cashouts after completing surveys!

Types of surveys available

Google Opinion Rewards is a Google survey app for Android and iOS users. It is developed by Google Surveys and requires registration. The surveys are very short, typically no more than 5-10 questions, and usually take less than one minute to complete. They can range from rating a product or service to providing an opinion on current events. When you answer a survey correctly, you receive rewards in the form of credits that can be used towards purchases on Google products such as apps, music or movies.

Users may get surveys daily or weekly depending on the questions asked, so it’s important to keep an eye out for new surveys if you’re looking to maximize your earnings potential. Generally speaking, the types of surveys available are:

  • Brand engagement: Surveys asking users about their personal experience with specific brands or services
  • Product feedback: Surveys asking users about their opinions towards a product or service in order to gather feedback for improvement
  • Shopping intent: Surveys trying to measure how likely users are to make certain purchases in the near future
  • Political opinion: Surveys asking consumers what direction they feel certain issues should take
  • Current events: Surveys consulting public opinion in order to produce insights on topics of present interest

Pros and Cons

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular options when it comes to making a bit of extra money by completing quick surveys. It offers a great way to make a little extra cash on the side and it is easy to use. However, the amount of money that you can make with this app is quite limited.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Google Opinion Rewards to help you decide if it is worth your time:


Google Opinion Rewards is a great way for users to earn rewards by taking quick surveys about topics and products that are relevant to them. The surveys are typically easy and require minimal effort, so users can make a small amount of money without too much effort on their part. Additionally, Google Opinion Rewards does not require any upfront investment or commitment from users, making it a great way for those to easily generate some extra cash from their spare time.

Google Opinion Rewards also provides detailed feedback on survey answers to help consumers better understand their preferences and interests in products and services. Furthermore, the app has an intuitive design with comprehensive reports and charts that allow users to easily track their progress in earning rewards points.

Overall, Google Opinion Rewards is an effective and straightforward method for people to make some extra cash while providing companies with valuable information on consumer preferences.


Google Opinion Rewards has some distinct drawbacks – most notably its limited earning potential. This program is well suited to those with a lot of free time and would like to occasionally earn a few extra bucks here and there. However, it is not a reliable source of income, as the rewards are quite small, and survey availability can be sporadic.

You will only get credit for valid survey attempts, so make sure you are honest in your responses when answering questions. Unfortunately, the surveys themselves can often be quite lengthy and time-consuming. Additionally, Google Opinion Rewards has no referral program to allow you to bring in additional income from referring others to the app. Even if you complete surveys successfully on a consistent basis, it’s possible there may still be rewards left unchecked due to low survey frequency or lack of relevance for your demographics.

How to Get Started With Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn a little extra money while giving your opinion on different topics. Through this platform, you can take quick surveys and earn rewards points that can be redeemed for gift cards or Google Play Store credit.

In this article, we will discuss how to get started with Google Opinion Rewards and what you need to know before signing up:

Download the app

Download the free Google Opinion Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve installed it, the app will ask you a series of questions to verify your eligibility, including demographic information like your age, gender and zip code.

Additionally, once you begin using the app, you’ll receive emails with additional survey opportunities so make sure to check your inbox on a regular basis. You can also bookmarks the Google Opinion Rewards website for quick access when you want to check in on surveys available.

Make sure to turn on notifications as this is how Google lets you know when there are surveys ready for completion. You will be notified every time a survey becomes available that matches your profile and interests. The more surveys you take, the higher chances of receiving rewards will become. As with any opinion panel task, opt-in options need to be selected before starting the survey process to ensure an accurate matching process occurs during the survey setup and throughout its duration.

Open up an account by providing an email address (or signing in with an existing Google account) then start taking surveys! Your responses are confidential and no personal details or data collected by Google’s Opinion Rewards will ever be shared with third parties without user’s consent or authorization—which is a great way for users to safeguard their personal information while still giving valuable feedback that could improve how products and services are performed in their locality and abroad.

Sign up and create an account

Getting started with Google Opinion Rewards is a simple process. First, you need to sign up for an account and provide basic information about yourself. This includes your name, email address, and demographic info. Once you have registered, you will be emailed a confirmation link to complete your registration. Once your account has been successfully created, you will be ready to start participating in surveys and opinions polls to earn rewards.

You will also be asked a few additional questions about the kinds of surveys you would like to take and the topics that interest you most, so that Google can tailor their survey requests more specifically. Make sure to answer these questions honestly in order to get the most out of your experience.

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way for consumers to make use of opinion polls while they are online or while they are on the go with their smartphone or tablet. Plus, by providing helpful feedback on products and services that interest you, it can provide insight better suited for businesses conducting market research into their target audiences and outside demographics alike. Signing up is easy and free – so why not get started today?

Take surveys

Once you have successfully signed up for Google Opinion Rewards, you will be taken to the home screen of the app. Click on “Take Survey” to get a list of available surveys. You can view the available surveys by category and earn rewards by taking them. Surveys typically take just a few minutes to complete and you can select how often you are contacted with notifications to take surveys or leave it as manual whenever you wish.

For every survey you complete, you will receive credits in your account which can be used to purchase items from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Final Thoughts

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn a few extra bucks by taking quick surveys on your phone. While the earnings potential can be limited, it’s still a good option for those who want to make some quick cash without spending a lot of time.

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of using Google Opinion Rewards:

Is Google Opinion Rewards worth it?

Whether Google Opinion Rewards is worth your time or not largely depends on the amount of short surveys you receive. It is important to remain wary of survey provider earning potential since there is no guarantee that users will receive surveys every week or even every month. Additionally, the rewards are quite low, with most surveys netting around $.30 up to a maximum of $1.

That said, if you have time and patience to do small surveys regularly and don’t expect a high level of compensation it can be a legitimate way to earn a few dollars each time a survey appears in your phone/computer. Generally speaking, while Google Opinion Rewards will not make you rich it can be an easy way to make a few bucks in your spare time without having to do any extra work beyond replying honestly to questions.

How to maximize your earnings

Google Opinion Rewards provides an easy way to make a little extra money through completing quick surveys. However, the earning potential from this app is limited due to a relatively low survey frequency and low value of each question answered.

In order to maximize your earnings, it’s important to optimize your user profile for better-targeted surveys. Completing all profile information fields accurately portrays who you are as a consumer, which will result in invitations to more surveys. Additionally, pay attention to survey lengths; this way you can avoid spending too much time on long-length surveys understanding they won’t necessarily earn you more rewards.

Also, consider taking advantage of referral programs that Google Opinion Rewards offers and invite friends who may be interested in the program; doing so may increase your chances of receiving higher value surveys and boost overall payment earnings. Finally, always stay current with news by connecting with Google Opinion Rewards on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as they usually offer codes where users receive bonus awards for filling out certain polls or surveys.

By following these tips, users of Google Opinion Rewards should be able to maximize their income potential from completing quick surveys relevant to their interests or hobbies.

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