Review: How Much Can You Earn With Foursquare Rewards App?

Foursquare Rewards App Review Heres How Much You Can Earn


Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just out having fun, Foursquare Rewards has something for everyone. It gives users the opportunity to earn rewards points when they ‘check in’ at various locations and with merchant partners included in their network. With the Foursquare Rewards app, you can easily track points and check for offers that you can use at participating merchants. Plus, since the app is integrated into the foursquare network, you can redeem your rewards simply by checking in at those locations.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what Foursquare Rewards has to offer and how much money you can earn from using it. We’ll discuss:

  • How to get started with the app
  • What rewards points are available for users to earn
  • Tips and tricks on how to maximize your savings while using the service

so that you can make the most out of your rewards experience!

What is Foursquare Rewards?

Foursquare Rewards is an app created by Foursquare Inc. that provides rewards for visiting participating businesses around the world. It works by connecting with a users existing Foursquare profile and rewarding users with loyalty points every time they check-in at a participating business. Users can use these points to redeem rewards such as discounts on products, free food and drinks, or even cashback rewards.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to start using on any device immediately after signing up. Once downloaded, the app will connect with your existing Foursquare account and then take you through setting up rewards specific accounts – so you can manage all your reward accounts in one place. This allows for quicker redemption of rewards when you visit different stores or locations, making it easier than ever to save when shopping or dining out.

With Foursquare Rewards, earning loyalty and reward points are simple as long as you are an active user of the Foursquare network. Depending on each locations’ reward offerings, users can earn anywhere from 1-20 points (or more) per check-in location – which can add up quickly if you visit the same shop regularly! Utilizing the app also allows for exclusive deals only available to loyal customers which make the experience even sweeter!

In short, Foursquare Rewards is great way to save money while shopping until food outlets that your regular visits – no matter what country in world you’re located in! By signing up with a single account and connecting with your existing Foursquare profile, use can benefit from all sorts of helpful rewards while they shop or dine out whenever they please!

How Does Foursquare Rewards Work?

The Foursquare Rewards app is a loyalty program developed by Foursquare. It enables users to redeem points earned through check-ins at participating businesses for rewards such as discounts, free items, and exclusive promotions. After signing up through the Foursquare website or mobile app, users can begin earning rewards immediately after checking into participating businesses. All points accumulated in the Foursquare Rewards app are stored in an online wallet and can be redeemed for reward offers from those same businesses.

To earn points, users must check-in to a participating business using the Foursquare application. These check-ins count as “swipes” that accumulate points depending upon pre-set criteria outlined by each individual business. Each business decides how much users earn with every swipe or how many swipes are necessary to receive a defined reward offer. After accumulating a designated number of points, an eligible reward offer can be used instantly at checkout or stored in the user’s virtual wallet until cashed out at their convenience.

Foursquare Rewards encourages customers to explore new places and patronize new businesses they may not have tried before in order to earn additional bonuses and savings. Some of these bonus offers may include:

  • Special discounts or prizes eligible to those who do most of their shopping at one particular business or group of businesses within a certain area or city limits.
  • Participation in community events that entitle them to even larger saving opportunitites if they attend multiple potential events such as concerts, festivals, art shows and more sponsored by certain organizations within their area.

What Are The Benefits of Foursquare Rewards?

The Foursquare Rewards app provides a range of benefits to users, enabling them to earn rewards at thousands of locations around the world. This app allows users to explore, discover, and share the best places that they visit with friends and family.

Through Foursquare Rewards, users are able to join loyalty programs and take advantage of exclusive offers that can be redeemed at participating venues.

By joining loyalty programs and using the app regularly, customers can earn points which can be redeemed for free items or discounts at various outlets. Additionally, users can also become VIPs offering access to special deals including priority seating or discounts on food and beverages as well as discounted stays in partnering hotels. However, these special deals are only available to members who engage with the service regularly stemming from features such as check-ins, reviews or comments on venues or brands mentioned in the app.

Furthermore, these members also gain access to exclusive content from their favorite merchants wherein they can get an even better deal than non-members do by utilizing coupons found within this feature. By participating in these promotions users can save time by having all promotions in one place making it easy for them to find new savings opportunities when visiting restaurants, stores or entertainment locations within their city!

What Kind of Rewards Can You Earn?

Using the Foursquare Rewards app, you can earn various types of rewards. Depending on where you shop, what activities you take part in, and even how much you spend, the deals available to you will vary.

From the Foursquare Rewards app, you can earn discounts on purchases from major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon. You might also be able to get two-for-one specials at your favorite restaurant or local bar. Additionally, users may have access to exclusive offers that are only available through the app.

Many locations that participate in Foursquare Rewards offer customers points for every purchase they make at their store. These points can then be redeemed for discounts or rewards like free items or discounted services. You can also use your points to donate to charities if you’re feeling generous!

Foursquare Rewards also encourages its users to complete tasks and leave reviews on participating businesses in order to receive bonus points which can be used towards even bigger rewards like gift cards or trips! All of these offers add up quickly and make it easy to save a lot of money if you’re an active user of the app!

How Much Can You Earn With Foursquare Rewards?

Foursquare Rewards is an app that rewards you for checking in at participating businesses around the country. All you have to do is download the app, link your credit or debit card, and check in whenever you go to one of the participating locations. The more you check in, the more points and cashback rewards you can earn.

New members of Foursquare Rewards will start with a bonus points balance of 1,000 points (equivalent to $10). After that point, user points are earned based on check-ins at each business location. Points are accumulated based on the specific type of purchase made (like ordering food if it’s a restaurant or buying clothing if it’s a retailer). Depending on the business where you’re checking in and what type of purchases were made there, users can earn any amount from 25 points up to 500 points ($5) per check-in. Some partners and special offers also come with additional bonuses up to 1,000 extra points (or $10) which can be added to your overall balance.

Users must have linked credit/debit cards associated with Foursquare’s partner list in order for their purchases and activities to count towards rewards points. Currently, these partnerships include major companies like Visa, Mastercard and American Express as well as hundreds of smaller retailers like convenience stores and fitness centers across America – but only when making purchases from those specific retailers count towards earning Foursquare Points. However unlike other loyalty programs out there which involve stressful tracking numbers or a manual sign-up process for each new location visited – Foursquare automatically keeps track for you through its networked list of partnered businesses – meaning no extra effort required!

When your account grows beyond 2,500 accumulated points ($25), users then have access to cashout their point balance via PayPal or Venmo at that time– providing instant redemption access as long as they checked in regularly! Whether this is worth it or not depends on how often a user visits participating locations but it is entirely possible (depending on shopping habits)for someone who checks into multiple locations multiple times per week, to continuously accumulate enough rewards using the Foursquare platform so make sure its right for your lifestyle!

What Are The Drawbacks of Foursquare Rewards?

While there are many benefits to using the Foursquare Rewards App, there are also some drawbacks that you should be aware of before signing up.

  • The first drawback is that the rewards points may not always convert into real rewards. For example, if you try to redeem points for gift cards or special discounts, it’s possible that these may not be available in all areas. This means that in order for you to actually get value from your rewards points, you will need to make sure they’re available near where you live or work.
  • Another potential drawback is that rewards points can expire after a certain period of time. This means they may not be useful if they expire before you have enough time to redeem them. You should also look into the terms and conditions of the program in order to understand any additional rules regarding redemption or expiration dates so you can make sure your points remain valid and valuable.
  • Finally, Foursquare Rewards requires an active internet connection so there may be periods of time when rewards won’t be credited until after a connection is established again. This could create problems if an individual doesn’t have access to reliable Wi-Fi or mobile data services consistently throughout their day.

Overall, while Foursquare Rewards has the potential to help users earn valuable benefits like gift cards and discounts on purchases, it’s important for individuals to understand how and when those rewards can be redeemed so they don’t find themselves stuck with useless rewards points down the line.


To sum up, Foursquare Rewards is an incredibly convenient way to save some money and get rewarded for your loyalty. It’s easy to use, you can earn good rewards on a wide variety of purchases, it doesn’t require any commitment, and it’s free to sign up.

Furthermore, you can even receive extra rewards such as discounts and points when you refer friends. All in all, this is one of the best rewards apps out there and it definitely deserves a look. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to save a little bit on your everyday purchases or want to find the best deals on specific items, Foursquare Rewards is worth your time.

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