Review: TradeStation – A Great Platform for Active Investors

TradeStation Review A Great Platform for Active Investors


TradeStation is a leading online trading platform designed for active investors looking to trade stocks, options, futures, and forex. It’s suited for advanced traders due to its wide range of features, including ult-low latency trading technology, order execution with no re-quote policy, and direct market access.

TradeStation also offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

TradeStation is part of a larger network that includes the brokerage firm TradeStation Securities and the live-in support service TradeView Live. This review covers the features of the TradeStation platform itself, which provides all of the tools necessary to begin trading quickly and efficiently, regardless of experience level or strategy type. Read on to learn more about TradeStation’s many features and if it’s a good fit for your investment needs.

What is TradeStation?

TradeStation is a powerful, multi-faceted trading platform for active investors focused on short-term stock, options, futures and Forex trading. It provides numerous analytical tools to help traders identify potential investments. TradeStation’s platform was designed by active traders who use the tools they developed to both analyze and trade the markets. As such, TradeStation offers some of the features that are most important to active investors.

TradeStation’s key features include its backtesting capabilities and customizable charts which enable traders to evaluate trading strategies over different time frames and market conditions. The platform also offers 9 customizable chart drawing tools which enable users to quickly read and analyze trends as well as an integrated programming language (EasyLanguage) so that traders can develop their own automated trading strategies or indicators. Additionally, TradeStation provides access to a wide selection of data sources, chart templates and level II quotes from primary exchanges plus broker services are available at extremely low costs.

Overall, TradeStation is a great choice for active investors with varying levels of experience wanting access to powerful yet intuitive investment analysis tools along with discount broker services at very cheap costs.

Features of TradeStation

TradeStation is a platform designed for active investors, traders, and financial professionals. It features an impressive range of tools, features, and support, allowing users to create custom trading strategies, access the latest market data, interact with the community and much more.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of TradeStation, so you can make an educated decision on whether or not it’s right for your needs.

Trading Platforms

TradeStation is a powerful trading platform with a host of features and capabilities to help investors, traders and financial institutions make stronger, more informed decisions. Whether you’re an active trader or a long-term investor, TradeStation offers a range of features that can help you reach your goals:

  • Integrated Trading Platform: With TradeStation’s integrated platform, you can easily access your accounts, manage trades and view performance. You’ll be able to create customized alerts and gain insight into the markets with real-time quotes, industry news, research information, charting capabilities and more.
  • Advanced Trading Tools: TradeStation’s advanced analytics tools give you the edge when making decisions. The customized options enable you to take control of your portfolio with data-driven insights combining the best of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis techniques.
  • Trading Automation: Take advantage of TradeStation’s automation capabilities to save time on routine tasks like setting up chart alerts or placing stop orders. You also have access to smart order routing technology that optimizes order placement for low latency execution.
  • Simulated Trading Environment: Evaluate different strategies without risking any capital in the trading simulator mode which features an exclusive simulated environment that allows for full backtesting so you can test strategies for accuracy without risking money in the markets.
  • Platform Mobility: Utilize TradeStation’s Mobile Trader app for Apple iOS and Android devices for an on-the-go experience with full account management abilities from anywhere in the world using wireless technology such as 3G/4G/WiFi.

Mobile Trading

The TradeStation platform offers many features for mobile trading and on-the-go access to your investments.The TradeStation app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing the same full suite of tools as the web version. With the TradeStation app you can view real-time quotes, review news feeds, identify suitable securities with technical analysis tools and track your recent trades; all right at the palm of your hand.

Features packed into the TradeStation mobile app include:

  • Real time market information – Get access to up-to-the minute market data from over 100 exchanges worldwide
  • Balancing & monitoring – Keep track of account values and margin requirements on your devices
  • Research & analytics – Access to both fundamental research and technical analysis tools
  • Choice of order types – Make use of options such as Limit/Stop orders, Trailing Stops, Fill or Kill orders or OCO (One Cancels Other) brackets
  • Asset transfer requests – Be able to move assets in between different accounts you hold with us with a few simple taps

Market Data and Research

TradeStation offers a wealth of market data and research features from leading industry providers such as Reuters and Morningstar to technical chart pattern recognition tools. Accessing this data requires trading activity or a payment of the monthly market data fee.

The platform provides the right mix of technical charting capabilities and fundamental research data with access to more than 10 years of historical data. The platform includes exclusive financial content, Streaming Analytics, time and sales prints, real-time options chains, market simulation tools and local news pages.

Time & Sales brings with it unique insight into trades which have already happened during each session allowing you to look back in time over the day of trade. Allowing you to view history being made in real-time and form ideas for future trades. Streaming analytics allow traders to create passive orders for perceived price action over existing bars recent or past price behavior quickly upon completion of Chart Analysis Study using figures pulled from previous performance such as momentum or support & resistance types studies see results almost instantaneously! This is great feature for active traders who don’t have time to wait for long analysis periods before setting new orders in motion.

The TradeStation also features a dashboard with live streaming quotes, which display up-to-the minute analysis alerts based on factors like relative strength index and moving averages so that informed decisions can be made quickly before opportunities pass by due to lack of knowledge. The popularity and ease of useof this platform has given it an edge over other competitors in the industry providing access to fundamental financial news while staying connected with expert opinion on specific asset class trends combined with powerful charting tools anchored by technical studies all within one efficient product suite!

Education and Support

Education and support are two essential components of any trading platform. TradeStation’s support team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m ET, by telephone, email and online via the company’s Knowledge Center platform. Clients of TradeStation are provided with several options to help them learn the ins and outs of the platform as well as best practices for trading in general.

For newer traders on TradeStation, an extensive library of educational videos is provided to guide users through their learning process and ensure they are knowledgeable about all the features available on the platform. Additionally for those looking for more advanced knowledge, TradeStation provides weekly webinars hosted by experienced traders and market experts who discuss market trends and strategy development from both a macroeconomic perspective and a microeconomic perspective too.

Furthermore, traders can join or create communities on TradeStation where traders can ask questions about strategies or trade data and even follow other user’s trades in order to gain insight into their strategies or just view what other successful users are doing in comparison to themselves. All in all TradeStation provides an accessible gateway into trading markets with lots of tools, resources and support which makes it an ideal choice for beginner investors as well as seasoned professionals alike!

Pros and Cons

TradeStation is a highly advanced online trading platform that is popular among active investors. It provides an array of features and tools to help investors make smart decisions and maximize their returns.

However, like any trading platform, TradeStation has its own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of TradeStation and help you decide if it is the right trading platform for you.


Trade Station provides active investors with a great platform for managing their investments. It provides a secure, convenient, and well-equipped platform for making quick decisions and tracking progress.

One of the main benefits of Trade Station is its ease of use – the user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find the information they need and make informed decisions about their investments. The software also features advanced charting capabilities which enable users to better observe market trends and identify potential investment opportunities. Moreover, Trade Station’s customer service team is highly experienced in providing reliable assistance whenever needed in a timely manner.

Also, Trade Station offers affordable prices in comparison to other investing platforms on the market. There are no monthly subscription or set-up costs – instead only commission fees are paid according to trades executed through the platform – which makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious investors looking for good value. Additionally, investors have access to valuable market research tools such as

  • streaming news,
  • real time quotes,
  • news & analysis reports, and
  • mobile trading capabilities.

Investing may not be easy but Trade Station makes it simple!


When it comes to TradeStation, there are some drawbacks. Here are a few of the most prominent ones:

  • TradeStation does not offer commodities, only futures contracts for the commodities markets. This might be limiting for those wanting to trade options in the commodity markets.
  • Fees vary based on what asset class you trade and can become costly. For instance, a futures contract may cost $3.30 per order while stocks and ETFs start at $5 per order and go higher depending how many orders you place in a month.
  • As with any online broker, there is always risk involved – especially day trading – and the potential of losing money is greater than traditional investments. Be sure you understand the risks involved before investing your money with a broker such as TradeStation.
  • The platform has a number of charts and indicators which may be daunting for beginning investors who don’t know what they’re doing. This can also be challenging for experienced traders who need to learn how to utilize all that TradeStation has to offer in order to maximize profits from their trading activities.


TradeStation has one of the most competitive pricing structures among competitors. Depending on the investment platform you choose, there are two pricing options available:

  • Per-trade pricing model which provides customers with discounted commissions on stock and options trades, ranging from $0.50 up to $3.00 per trade depending on the number of trades placed in a given month or quarter and whether or not they’re using TradeStation 10 or its mobile app. Active traders who make 30+ trades per month can potentially just pay $.50 per side for stock or options trades instead of the normal $5 commission rate, which can save you thousands of dollars each year if trading often enough.
  • Platform fee which is only sold as an add-on to customers who select either the equities or futures plus all platforms package and costs just $99/month – this begins at no cost with a minimum required deposit balance of $2,500 for Equities Plus All platform and $5,000 for Futures Plus All platform. The main benefit here is that it allows traders to access a wide range of products and exchange fees from one single account – something that’s difficult (and more expensive) to do with other brokerages due to complex exchange fees associated with multiple products and exchanges.


In conclusion, TradeStation is a reliable platform with a impressive feature set that helps active traders remain competitive in the dynamic markets. It offers high quality charting tools, a comprehensive backtesting engine and tremendous customizability. The commission structure is also quite advantageous for active investors, as there are no inactivity charges or IRA fees.

Additionally, TradeStation’s customer service team is exceptional and can offer assistance with any technical issues or questions you may have. Overall, this platform provides an unrivaled combination of trading features and service in a secure environment that is designed to foster explosive growth potential.

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