Review: Xantos Labs Offers LowCost Hedge Fund Style Investing

Xantos Labs Review LowCost Hedge Fund Style Investing


Xantos Labs is an online investment platform that offers an alternative to conventional hedge fund-style investing. Xantos Labs offers unique strategies, access to expert advisors and monitoring, and low-cost products that have been featured in prominent media outlets like CNBC and Forbes. This Xantos Labs review provides an overview of the platform’s features, benefits, costs, and more.

The Xantos platform makes it easy for investors to get involved with hedge fund strategies without large minimums or complex investments. Xantos works with experienced traders around the world to source the best opportunities in various asset classes including stocks, ETFs, commodities, derivatives, currencies, and more. The experienced team of traders assist investors by providing strategy insights and technology support tailored to each individual’s risk profile.

Xantos’ pricing structure is designed to be incredibly cost-effective with no hidden fees or fund operating expenses— something that is uncommon amongst traditional middleman firms. Additionally, the fees are tiered meaning you save if you invest more money in the strategies. Fees vary based on the strategy but generally range from 0%-0.5% annually for smaller accounts (under $100K) and 0%-2% for larger portfolios ($250K+).

For those intimidated by online investing or uncomfortable with trading through a traditional broker/dealer firm such as E*Trade or TD Ameritrade; Xantos can be a great solution as it ensures best execution on trades while providing participants with a secure account backed by leading banks custodian partners like Fidelity Investments and Goldman Sachs Bank USA.

What is Xantos Labs?

Xantos Labs is a low-cost hedge fund style investing platform that allows investors to access premium investment strategies and portfolio management services. It offers a range of portfolios tailored to user’s specific investments goals and risk tolerance, with fees much lower than traditional hedge funds. Xantos Labs also provides educational resources to help users build their own custom portfolios.

Let’s dive deeper into what Xantos Labs offers:


Xantos Labs is a financial technology startup located in Redwood City, California, that focuses on providing low-cost, hedge fund style investing to individuals. Founded in 2016, Xantos Labs has developed a unique platform that allows users to manually customize and analyze portfolios of both small cap stocks and ETFs.

This platform was designed with the idea of combining the rigor academic analysis with accessible and user-friendly web-based technology for people seeking to become better informed investors.

Xantos Labs was founded by two former financial software engineers who experienced first hand the steep learning curve associated with beginner investing. With a mission to eliminate this friction point by providing affordable access to cutting edge tools and education resources, Xantos Labs quickly gained traction in its first year of operation due its innovative approach towards capital markets analysis.

The platform currently offers tools such as:

  • Proprietary screeners for identifying securities according to specific criteria;
  • Innovative portfolio optimization algorithm that dynamically allocates assets based on goals set by users;
  • State-of-the-art risk analysis that helps mitigate potential losses; and
  • Virtual trading capabilities through the use of simulation accounts.

The uniqueness of Xantos Lab’s offering has attracted a growing cohort of retail investors who are looking for more cost efficient ways to take their portfolio management into their own hands. With many clients achieving impressive returns from their investments over the past few years, Xantos Labs continues to gain traction as one of the most advanced financial tools available today for amateur investors.


Xantos Labs is a low cost hedge fund-style investing platform. It provides investors with access to sophisticated investing strategies previously only available to professional or high net worth individuals and institutions. By utilizing advanced algorithms, Xantos Labs enables users to manage their portfolios securely and quickly.

The platform offers a variety of features to help users simplify portfolio management in an automated way. Key features include the ability to:

  • Easily and securely manage investment portfolios;
  • Diversify holdings across different sectors, market caps, geographies, asset classes, etc.;
  • Track performance in real time;
  • Quickly identify risks and trends in the market;
  • Use automated portfolio rebalancing capabilities; and
  • Access historical data to evaluate past investments.

Additionally, Xantos Labs provides comprehensive customer support and backtesting tools for customers to test different investment strategies before deploying them in their portfolios.

Overall, Xantos Labs represents a great opportunity for both experienced investors looking for more sophisticated strategies as well as beginners who would benefit from professional assistance in managing their portfolios. With its low fees and advanced capabilities, it’s easy to see why this platform has become increasingly popular among investors of all levels.

How Does Xantos Labs Work?

Xantos Labs is a financial technology firm that provides low-cost hedge fund style investing services and uses an algorithm-based system to manage portfolios. The platform’s main goal is to provide investors with access to the same kind of investing strategies that the more traditional hedge funds use, but at a fraction of the cost.

In this review, we’ll take a look at how Xantos Labs works and explain the different features and services it offers.

Investment Strategies

Xantos Labs uses the same strategies and techniques used by a traditional low-cost hedge fund to invest. Xantos Labs owns various stocks, bonds, commodities, and other investments that are used to craft an overall portfolio. The portfolio’s allocations change dynamically depending on market conditions and investor goals.

The goal of Xantos Labs is to generate consistent positive returns with minimal risk, while maintaining low fees and liquidity. To achieve this goal, Xantos Labs employs several investment strategies:

  1. Asset Allocation: An active asset allocation strategy driven by proprietary models that identify opportunities in multiple asset classes at the optimum time based on current market conditions.
  2. Risk Management: A disciplined approach that defines risk levels at both an individual security level as well as across a portfolio or market segment of securities; critical for protecting capital during volatile markets.
  3. Sector Specialization: A research-driven evaluation process that helps Xantos identify attractive short and intermediate term investment opportunities in targeted areas of the markets such as; energy, technology, health care and more.
  4. Tax Efficiency Strategies: Tax optimization methods geared toward reducing potential liabilities created from realized capital gains & income distributions while maximizing after-tax returns for each investor based upon their unique tax situation.
  5. High Frequency Trading: Utilizing advanced algorithms designed specifically to take advantage of inefficiencies in the markets by actively buying & selling securities throughout the day for short term gains when it makes sense within each individual’s portfolio objectives.

Fees and Charges

Xantos Labs operates with low-cost fees and charges. Xantos does not require any upfront or set up fees to get started. Xantos will charge a 0.25% advisors fee for maintaining your portfolio and analyzing the performance of your investments.

Xantos also charges a 0.25% transaction fee for each trade made by the portfolio manager based on the assets in your portfolio and manages this cost carefully to keep trading costs at a minimum. In addition to these ongoing fees, Xantos also offers customization services which may come at additional cost where clients are charged hourly based off of the scope of their request.

Overall, Xantos Labs seeks to provide clients with an elite solution hedge fund style investing through our low-cost regimen in order to guarantee that clients have maximum returns on investments while ensuring that all costs are kept minimal compared with other industry leaders in this sector.

Benefits of Xantos Labs

Xantos Labs is an online investing platform that allows investors to access a professionally managed portfolio that is tailored to their individual needs. Xantos Labs provides access to low-cost hedge fund-style investing which helps to minimize risk while maximizing returns.

This section will discuss some of the benefits of using Xantos Labs for low-cost hedge fund-style investing:

Low-Cost Investment

Xantos Labs offers a low-cost investment strategy that is similar to what you would find at a hedge fund. Xantos uses technology and data-driven analytics to build a portfolio that works for you. The investments come with many benefits including security and predictability.

Xantos has a team of experienced analysts who use sophisticated algorithms and predictive modeling to identify the most profitable investments. With Xantos Labs, you get access to high quality investments without the high expense ratios typical of some hedge funds and mutual funds.

The low-cost investment structure works like this: Xantos will build a portfolio of proprietary stocks and bonds that are suitable for your needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon. All investments are invested in professionally managed portfolios with diversified assets in order to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

Investing with Xantos Labs allows for flexibility in terms of customization options – leaving users free to adjust the asset allocation within their portfolios based on changing needs or life circumstances. Additionally, Xantos has partnered with leading financial institutions around the world so as to obtain better pricing than available on public exchanges, giving users access to attractive yield spreads without having to invest large minimums or take on significant leveraging costs normally associated with private markets investments.

Finally, all of this at an affordable fee – making it possible for investors of all levels to benefit from the same professional management that was once only accessible by high net-worth individuals or institutional investors.

Professional Investment Strategies

Xantos Labs offers you the advantage of having access to professional investment strategies at an affordable price. The company’s professionally developed algorithms are designed to help you manage your portfolio in a more balanced and efficient manner. Xantos Labs’ exclusive hedge fund style investing allows you to receive returns that may be unattainable from regular stock market investments.

At Xantos Labs, the primary goal is to provide a low-cost, sophisticated platform where investors can view and analyze their portfolios in real-time. Xantos’ professional investment strategies combine cutting-edge technology with experienced financial professionals, allowing you to stay informed with stock movements and take better decisions quickly.

In addition to its core features, Xantos also provides a number of features which make investing easier and securer including:

  • Portfolio performance reports
  • Live trade executions
  • Automated rebalancing tools

This makes it easier than ever for clients to monitor their accounts closely while still being able to enjoy the rewards that come with investing.

Xantos’ other value added services such as automated tax optimization calculator, risk monitoring tools, mobile app integration etc are some of the reasons why it is one of the most favored investors by clients who seek expert guidance without paying an arm and a leg for it!


In conclusion, Xantos Labs review LowCost Hedge Fund Style Investing provides an efficient and low cost platform for hedge fund style investing. It offers the same portfolio diversity and hedge fund strategies that direct investors use with their own funds but without the need for large upfront capital requirements.

By utilizing Xantos Labs’ portfolio management technology and its algorithm-based portfolio optimization tools, investors within all asset classes can experience greater diversification at lower cost with faster execution. In addition, clients also benefit from a confident, trustworthy asset custodian relationship which ensures that their investments are always safe.

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