User Interviews Review: Is It Legit? Here’s Our Experience

User Interviews Review: Is It Legit? Here’s Our Experience



User Interviews review is an online platform designed to connect companies with testers and market researchers in return for compensation. It promises to make the process of recruiting testers and researchers faster, easier, and more straightforward. It claims that its services enable companies to save hours of time while still getting the results they need.

But how legitimate is User Interviews? It’s hard to judge a platform you haven’t used before. To get a better idea of how the platform works, we decided to do a hands-on experience. We purchased an interview, talked with real users, browsed through various features, and much more – all so that we could get an honest insight into what User Interviews can do for your business.

In this User Interviews review, we’ll break down all the important elements of the platform: its usability, pricing structure, customer support system and more. Keep reading if you would like to find out if this platform can truly meet your testing needs!

What is User Interviews?

User Interviews is an online platform that connects businesses with customers for market research purposes. Through User Interviews, businesses can easily survey, survey and recruit participants from around the world for remote interviews, focus groups and usability tests. With User Interviews, businesses can gain insights into their product, service and website.

In this article, we will be looking at what User Interviews is, why you might want to use it, and our experience of using it:


User Interviews is a rapidly growing online research platform focused on gathering direct customer insights. Our network of over 38,000 individuals provides businesses with the rich conversations needed to make more informed decisions. We facilitate two main types of interactions:

  • Onsite Interviews: Onsite interviews are conducted in person or over video chat and include customizable screener questions, detailed moderator notes, and post-interview survey data. These conversations provide companies with the detailed information they need to ensure that their product is well-received by customers.
  • Online Surveys: Online surveys eliminate the need for lengthy screener questions and expensive moderator training. With our survey technology, businesses can quickly gather valuable customer insights without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Reduced survey response time saw an 8% increase in customer satisfaction scores compared to traditional survey methods.

How It Works

User Interviews is an online platform that provides access to experts and participants for market research purposes. It makes the process of running user interviews easier, faster, and more efficient. The platform helps researchers connect with people in a wide range of industries, including academics, business professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, and data scientists.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you create an account on User Interviews, you can create a project based on your research objectives. This includes specifying key demographics criteria for respondents such as age range, occupation type or location.
  2. Next you will provide details about the type of project such as survey questions or interview topics that need to be covered in order to receive relevant responses from participants.
  3. The project is then sent out to potential candidates who fit within the criteria set by the researcher. Those individuals are allowed to review and select projects according to their preferences and then sign up to participate in the research effort by interviews or surveys.
  4. Once they start filling out a form/data survey or an interview assessment form/data survey they can choose either skill level (beginner-expert) based on their experience with the topic at hand which helps reduce biasness in response data.
  5. After information is collected by respondents it is easy study results with searchable filters provided by User Interviews dashboard that you can use to find participants who fit your desired criteria.

Our Experience

We recently tried out the User Interviews platform to see if it is a legitimate platform for researching customers. We wanted to know if it was worth the money to pay for User Interviews services, and if it was easy to use.

In this article, we will give you a full review of our experience with User Interviews. We will discuss:

  • how user-friendly it is,
  • how helpful the customer support is, and
  • whether the services are worth the investment.

Signing Up

Signing up for User Interviews was a straightforward process. All we had to do was provide our email address and we were in. We were then asked to fill out our contact, demographic and qualification information – including job title, location and industry. The website also allowed us to add additional tags if needed so that the user interviewers could target us for certain topics.

Once our account was setup, User Interviews had an intuitive interface that was simple to navigate. We got access to the dashboard where we could see upcoming opportunities that matched our profile as well as past payouts for completed interviews. As long as we stayed active by finishing at least one interview every 60 days, we would remain eligible for future opportunities with User Interviews.

We found the whole setup process with User Interviews fairly easy and intuitive, however there was a time lag between when you first signed up and when you heard back from potential interviewers. This ranged from a few days to more than two weeks in some cases – be patient! In terms of UX it would’ve been nice if there had been an automated way of linking user accounts with recruiters looking for participants, but overall the experience was positive – they made sure that enough people were registered on their platform before sending out requests so that everyone gets maximum chances at being chosen.

Participating in Interviews

Participating in user interviews is a great way to gain valuable insight that can inform product design and development. Interviews allow us to understand how people use our products, what their expectations are for the product experience, and how we can improve the overall user experience.

We recently conducted a series of interviews with users from various backgrounds, ranging from novice to experienced users. We asked each person questions about their experience of using our product and solicited feedback on areas for improvement. During the course of our conversations, we gained valuable insights about how people use our products and where improvements could be made.

We learned that there were certain features that users found confusing or difficult to use and others they found helpful or preferred to use over any other version they had encountered before. Some users were able to easily find what they were looking for within the product while others got stuck searching through menus or requested more information on certain features that weren’t immediately obvious. Additionally, we unearthed some feelings among interviewees around perceived risks associated with using the product which may need further investigation by our team.

Overall, conducting interviews has helped us gain an understanding of user interactions with our product and identify areas where further instruction or functionality might be required so as to optimize the user experience going forward.

Getting Paid

Getting paid for our user interview experience with this company was quick and simple. We had easy access to our records and were able to download an online form that can be used for tax purposes. Payment was sent through both direct transfer and PayPal, so we had options for how we preferred to receive the money. The payments were made within a few days after we confirmed our availability and completed the interview, so there was no need to wait long periods of time or worry about when or if payment would be received.

The team at this company also answered any lingering questions that we had quickly and professionally without ever feeling rushed or ignored. Their responsiveness was appreciated, as it boosted our confidence in them as well as their willingness to ensure their customers are satisfied with the experience. We felt comfortable working with them and would recommend this service for anyone looking into user interviews for market research purposes.

Pros and Cons

User Interviews is a platform that helps companies collect feedback from potential users and customers. It allows for effective market research and can bring about valuable insights for businesses. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of using this platform.

This article will take a look at the pros and cons of User Interviews, and analyze our experience with it.


User Interviews is a feedback collector website that enables businesses and organizations to collect qualitative data from users. This can be used to understand user attitudes, behaviors, and experiences. Companies are able to use the insights they gain from their research to improve products, optimize customer service, and build more meaningful relationships with customers.

User Interviews offers a wide array of benefits for businesses who use it; here are some of the pros:

  • Easy-to-Use Platform – User Interviews has an intuitive and easy-to-use platform which allows businesses to quickly set up research projects with minimal effort.
  • Low Cost – The cost of using User Interviews for research projects is significantly lower than other providers in the market. This makes it more accessible for small-to medium-sized businesses on a tighter budget.
  • High Quality Data – With an extensive participant pool made up of verified experts across various industries, User Interviews is able to provide high quality information and insights into user behavior quickly and effectively.
  • Worldwide Reach – With members coming from 30+ countries worldwide, User Interviews provides a unique platform for global companies looking to conduct global research studies or surveys in multiple languages simultaneously on one platform.


When it comes to user interviews, there are some cons one should be aware of before investing the time, energy and resources necessary.

  • The first con is cost. User interviews can be expensive, especially if conducted by a professional agency, as the more professional research panels will often charge per session and may require you to purchase additional services such as report writing and data analysis. Additionally, recruiting can be difficult and time-consuming as qualified people are hard to come by on short notice.
  • Second is data analysis may become confusing due to different methodologies and nontraditional setups. You may need extra help from external resources in order to better understand the data or find any patterns or correlations in it. Additionally, any potential insights will have to be qualitatively interpreted, making it harder for complex issues or topics for which there is limited existing research on them.
  • Finally, user interviews can become mundane with participants not being interested due to long interviews or because they don’t feel their responses being given serious consideration by researchers. As humans tire easily (especially when faced with an unfamiliar task), attention spans decrease rapidly when measuring product usability in this manner; resulting in participants having difficulty providing accurate results that formulate successful designs.


After conducting our User Interviews review, we can confidently conclude the platform is legitimate. With easy sign-up and a variety of payment methods, the platform works to match its clients’ research needs with their perfect sample. User Interviews may not be the cheapest option around, but with its robust features, it more than makes up for it.

The quality assurance and verification procedures employed by User Interviews guarantee that each client gets what they need; trustworthy insights from reliable and engaged participants who are willing to provide honest feedback – ensuring a responsive and dependable research process.

We were extremely impressed after having conducted our User Interviews review in terms of the customer service provided; from start to finish the process was straightforward and efficiently managed by an experienced team who strive for customer satisfaction every step of the way. In addition, users are given access to a bunch of helpful resources including survey templates, which makes producing quality surveys a much easier task than it would be otherwise.

All in all, we give User Interviews two thumbs up. Many online research platforms take weeks or longer for surveys to be completed but with User Interviews you can start collecting results in just days!

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